Invoice 4772 for order 19605

Invoice 4772 for order 19605

Hello DT Crew,
Can I please change or cancel my order? I want to get the Ultron instead of the Ultimate package because I don’t think I want the XM1 - just the spark and the nExt chip.
Thanks, DT!

Best place is to contact them on the DT web page, using the help button.

very helpful - I didn’t even see that button THANK YOU!


If it ends up not being able to be canceled, DM me. I have been thinking of the xM1

how do you DM someone on this platform

As a new user, you may not yet have that ability, but is you stick around a bit
Just touch the intended recipients name

These might come in handy for the forum orientation
@discobot start tutorial
@discobot start advanced tutorial

Hey no worries. I feel like if the order was placed recently and not shipped, they are gonna take care of ya and there will be no need. I figured I would only pick one up in a situation like this.

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They canceled it and I was able to order the Ultron kit today. Thanks again for the help guys. :love_you_gesture: