iOS update not reading my sXIID?

My friends with iPhones suddenly can’t read my implant. Am I just having a hard time lining up the reader with my implant or is there something screwy with the latest iOS update?

It works fine with Samsung phones.

How fresh is your implant? ( Allow up to 2 weeks for reliable reads )

What have you written to your xSIID? :blinky_blue:
What did you use to write to it?
What are you using to read it?

Have you watched this video?

Which model iPhone and which iOS they’re running is a semi important factor I would think.

I have the latest version of iOS (14.6) and mine’s working

I’d guess it’s something NDEF iOS doesn’t background scan anymore like vcard

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Like others have said, it’s probably just an issue with your ndef record being something iOS can’t read. Try writing a url (this, maybe?) to it and scanning your implant again.