iPhone 13/13 Pro Background Reading

Hello everyone!

I recently purchased an iPhone 13 pro and am able to read and write to my NExT implant with the NFC tools app. I am however having issues with getting the tag to read at all with background reading. I literally cannot get the xFD to read on background reading without triggering it using nfc tools. I have tried an NFC card, and it works however the range on background reading is god awful. I knew I had issues reading with NFC on the iPhone 12 but as of now the 13 seems way worse as I can’t even get a background read at all from the implant. I have already checked iPhone NFC Scanning - YouTube and nothing works. My hope is that someone here has the 13 and has managed to get background reading to work.

Any ideas or tips would be much appreciated.

Exactly all the same (same problems and same model)

I am only able to read it on specific tools or from locked screen (very strange)

Background reading on the iPhone is intended to be used with large devices like payment terminals. It sends out a pulse every other second to conserve power.

The x-series implants like the NExT have very poor coupling with the iPhone, so you have to get positioning just right, and then leave it there for two seconds to get a read. It seems the ideal positioning for the iPhone is to basically press the top of the phone directly down on the implant like you’re trying to cut it in half. Cases will make positioning even more difficult.

iPhones also only support URL data types on background read, and your NDEF message should really only have one record in it to be sure. Most people just open an app to read a tag.

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