iPhone 13.56 Emulation + UID Rewriting

Is there anyway for an iPhone to emulate a 13.56 14443A card? Or am I limited to using a PM3 and carrying around my computer? :confused:

Also, is there a card that I can purchase where I can rewrite the UID to match that of a EV1?

iPhone no.

Research proxmark3 headless operation.

EV1 no.

Thank you!

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How about a android like for example I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 I don’t use anymore laying in my Drawer

you can root it to have better access to emulation features yes. its still not great as it cannot account for non standard reader timings but its better than nothing

iPhones restrict emulation (HCE and On-demand generation) to certain companies which are contracted with apple such as assa abloy

to further confuse things ,Mifare Classic 1K are essentially ‘proprietary’. They don’t conform to the “NFC Forum” specifications (one could argue that makes them not NFC, but it feels academic). As such, only nfc reader/write chips by NXP (who makes Mifare Classic 1K) can talk to them. iPhone’s NFC reader/writer chip isn’t by NXP (can’t recall who makes it).

this makes it so mifare classic and every other nfcforum divergent chip unreadable and unwritable and most certainly non emulatable.

you can however read off ndef records from these chips if formatted correctly.

the more you know

The system I want to use this for is an Assa Abloy system, can I go still use my iPhone then?