Iphone xLED query

is there any app i can get on my iphone which will activate the xLED?

NFCtools will activate the field until it finds a chip, the xled has no chip for it to find

so will that make the xLED light up?

the xLED will be sitting about 10mm from a payment chip

yes constantly. theres no app that permanently keeps the filed on as its bad for your phone

Downloaded the app but can’t light up the led or read the payment implant, can’t imagine both got broken during the install. I’m likely doing something wrong

Normally people have to wait like 2 weeks for swelling to go down.

Only just had it installed, doesn’t look very swollen tbh.

Yeah, everyone says and thinks that. But wait a few weeks and it’ll read much better.

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Cheers :+1:t2: