Is it bad if my implant is angled inward and mildly “visable”?

So I got my first implant just under two weeks ago (implanted at p0), it’s been healing very nicely aside from now light bruising (not sure how long this type of bruise stays for, but a “typical” bruise I think is 2-4 weeks), however upon poking at and feeling the implant I’ve noticed that it’s close to the surface and kind of angled into my hand. I can definitely feel one end of the implant more than the other (it’s not extremely angled but noticeable), and if I make a fist I can definitely see the outline of the implant. Is it bad to be this close to the surface and will the implant being angled cause any adverse effects to my hand or the implant (aside from possible reading issues)?

On a somewhat related note, I wanted to get a second implant (it would be the xMagic, preferably the flexM1 but I’ve read that it’s currently being redesigned with no current eta) on the side of my hand by pinkie (p5) but I wanted to deliberately get it at a 45° ish angle rather than parallel to the hand, would this be a terrible idea?

The idea behind it is so that I don’t have to move my hand as far when using different readers. As my experience with my NExT is that the NFC half is way more finicky and definitely needs to be aligned properly with the reader

All implants naturally move around a bit during the healing process. As long as it doesn’t hurt and doesn’t restrict movement it’s probably fine. I don’t really see any obvious issues in those pictures and it looks like most well healing implant pics. In fact, that pic looks almost exaclty like my xEM that’s been in my hand for 2 or 3 years with no issues. As for the new implant I don’t see why you couldn’t implant it at 45 degree angle to your metacarpal. Many people have weird implant installs and have no issues and that one isn’t even that unconventional.