Is it possible for the xLED to burn out?

My understanding is that LEDs can become permanently damaged if they carry too much current.

Is it possible to brick the xLED by exposing it to too strong of a source of 13.56MHz RF? My main concern is long-range readers. I use those a lot.

If I were to put the xLED right up against a high frequency long-range reader, could it be damaged?


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Hey @amal, do you know what the specifications are for the LED?

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the possibility is real. this is partly why we use a white LED with a wide active voltage range… but it’s definitely possible. if you want to test on some, i can send you one for testing so you can get back to me with results?


Sure, that sounds good.

I recently bought the high-frequency version. I was planning on getting it installed soon, but I think I’ll hold off for a little while.

Perhaps I’ll take that one out of the packaging and start playing with it, and you can send a fresh one to implant, since mine will no longer be sterile. I can also check out the 125kHz version.

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Perfect… make some vids and post links and we’ll get another one sent out asap :slight_smile: What was your order number with the xLED?

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@amal Order #8520 (October 1, 2019)


Would love to hear any updates when you receive the next unit.

Just got back from a trip, so I can start messing with it again. I’ll probably use this project as an excuse to buy some new tools.

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