Is it possible to clone a iCLASS / PicoPass tag with a pm3?

I recently got my pm3 setup and I am trying to clone a card. When running auto the pm3 prints this information.

This does not print the other information I usually see from searches. Can anyone provide some insight or resources into what this means / if it would be possible to clone this card? I can run some other commands on the card if need be.

I am looking at the cheat sheet right now, but I am wondering what IC I can clone the card onto. Do I need a special i class compatible card for that? Is the CUID or 5577 cards compatible?


nope… you need a “blank” picopass chip or iclass chip with the “fuse” bits still intact. these are not easy to find… but our pals (@DeviantOllam) over at RTT have a solution;

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