Is it possible to clone an HID iClass SE card or at least do a replay of one?

Bit of an RFID noob, but have a proxmark3 and attempting to clone a HID iClass SE card. Running into some struggles out of the gate.

All my dump attempts say it failed to communicate with card, but can at least read the PicpPass CSN off the card. Write attempts fail as well.

I tried the ColdHeat route and received “authentication failed”, likely indicating this is not a valid workaround.

Just want to make sure this is cloneable or if I need to look at just doing some sort of replay attack from a valid card?

Card Info:

@leumas95 gonna give this one to you

So, looks like I need to follow the Heart of Darkness whitepaper is what I’ve gathered. Are you able to tell me the specific hardware components I might need to follow that paper correctly? Looks like RW400, FTDI cable, pickit2 and some jumpers but want to make sure I’m not missing anything.