Is it possible to get an url popup with an xm1

hello :slight_smile:
I was wondering if I could get a URL link on my flex xm1 that will popup when I scan it with an Andriod or iPhone
is something like this possible? :smiley:

We haven’t seen you for a while,

This should answer your question

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I know I’ve been insanely busy lately with my company
i need to move my machine to a new location
but first, I need to prep that location to install my machines and I had to move because the owner of the building sold the building so I’ve been crazy busy with all of this
how have you been? :smiley:

thank you @Pilgrimsmaster for the link :smiley:

its possible to go back after this rigt ? this is not permanet rigt ?

is it my my phone if it gives an error with formatting ?
it says it has an IO failure

what phone do you have?

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Correct, you will just need to format it again and write another record.

also, the reading of the NDEF data should be fine for Android owners, but not so much for iPhone owners

i have a samsung s21 ultra

ah okay
always the dam iPhones I’m happy i don’t use iPhone :stuck_out_tongue:
but are there solutions that also work for iPhones ?
since I will link it to my webpage and its handy for on a fair and a lot of people sadly do use iPhone

I have multiple implants so different things are possible

I have 2 time xm1 one flex and 1 xseries
spark 2 but it’s hard to read with someone else’s phone it’s pretty deep
and xdf2 desfire

if you have a URL on the tag and read it with an iphone it will open the URL. you just can’t see chip info or write using iphones

ah, thank you :slight_smile:
well that would work then
does iPhone read the NExt ?

yeah it should read the next just fine, the xm1 and a few others won’t work because the iphone is only allowed to read certain chip types

it worked like a charm on my NExt
even iphones had 0 problems with reading it :slight_smile:
and al those companies wil remember me now :smiley:

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