Is it possible to pay with Vivokey Apex Flex


I just have had my xMagic for 2 months and i’m already browsing for my next implant.
Feels like an addiction :slight_smile:

I would be interested in buying the Vivokey apex flex.
It seems like a very versatile chip just like the xMagic. The only thing i can’t find is, will i be able to pay with it. Every site where you can buy it says no. The Vivokey site says yes.

Or is this only available with the ring?

I live in Belgium, is there continent restriction?

Also i feel like most reports i see of chips breaking are the flex chips is this real? Or is it because the flex implants sell more than the x-series?

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flex chips went through a bit of a growing pains process where failures were a regular occurrence. its still possible but much more rare. install locations like the knife edge lf the hand are also not advised.


Damn, do you have any idea if there are plans to make the NXTPAY work outside of Germany? Like Belgium? :grin:

nxtpay is a vimpay conversion basically. maybe ping vimpay to see if they have plans outside Germany.

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Welcome fellow countryman :slight_smile:

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Ha, cool. Don’t think there are many Belgians around here though.

Il n’y as pas beaucoup de Belge … Ici et ailleurs :yum:


@SnarkBe and @chipman are another two I can think of, off the top of my head (apologies to others that I may have forgotten, I know there are some that have lived there, like @Rosco)

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