Is it worth waiting for the new version of the flexM1?

I’ve been thinking about getting a flexM1 for a while now ever since my last vacation. We stayed at 2 different hotels one where I had no issues using my xM1 and the other where it was totally useless. Of course the reason it was useless was because of how terrible the door reader was. I had heard somwhere that there is or was intent to produce the flexM1 with the newer pcb antenna so I have 2 major questions.

  1. Should I just go ahead and get the current flexM1 that is available or wait for the pcb version?
  2. If I decide not to wait then are there any durability issues to be aware of with the current ones and placing them along one of the metacarpal bones on top of my hand?

I know Satur9 and Amal are hard at work with all the projects. I just want to say you both are amazing and we appreciate all that you do.


I would love this as a dual set up with a T5577 as well. Oh the trouble it could cause :slight_smile:


I ordered flexM1 gen1a from 3 months ago, and when I went to test it on my apartment building door it didn’t work (I guess the system is “smart” enough to recognize the magic card). I’d be happy to sell it to you if you don’t mind it being “second hand”. I never touched the sterilized pouch; I’ve only set the UID with Proxmark and then tried it several times “from inside the pouch”.

By the way, I’m not giving up on that stupid door…there will come a day when I open it with my hand!!! I just ordered bunch of testing cards, because buying implants just to find out they don’t work for me is kinda expensive :rofl:

Indeed you did

And another quote, but that’ll do ya :wink:

I dont have the new one to compare to, but I have the “current” copper one and im super happy with it.

I would love to see a side by side comparison between current and new when its ready.

Personally, I would get a current one if you can.
Because if the new ones performance is not as good , you may not be able to get an old “current one”
But if the new one is good, then you can have one of each, or swap out.

But thats me.

I’ll probably grab a gen1 of the new one, to use with my flipper and my gen2 I’ll keep using with my phone

I havent had any ussues at all, although mine is over a tendon, not bone, so not as hard, but far more movement.

That may not be the case, as it is rarely implemented. (Could be, but my guess is unlikely)
It may just be a shitty reader, I was away for a month recently, and most places I stayed had Mifare Magic 1k access cards, my FlexM1 worked with probably 2 out of every 3 I tested it with.
The FlexM1 is Fantastic, but it just cant compete with a full sized iso card.

Although, the FlexMT comes pretty damn close.

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That may not be the case, as it is rarely implemented.

Yeah, that was what I thought when I was ordering the implant: “who would implement that…let’s just YOLO it”. I guess I’ll give it couple more tries then and report back :slight_smile:

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…as a punishment for myself, let the story of my stupidity be public:

I’ve just discovered that the implant works just fine. Before I went to test it, I’ve yet again checked my key fob and the implant and compared all the values. But this time I noticed one little detail: SAK on the fob was 08, SAK on the implant was 88.

Yep, that’s it…I made a typo when I was setting the implant UID, and even though I at least quadruple-checked it, I think that I didn’t pay enough attention to SAK and was primarily checking the UID (or I’m just braindead, not sure). Anyway, today I saw the mistake immediately, double-checked again, set the correct values, and tested the implant…yep, the signal is not perfect, but…it works.

So thanks @Pilgrimsmaster, without your push, I would throw away/sold perfectly usable implant.

Oh man, I feel so stupid. Anyway, sorry for kinda taking over this thread but it really helped me lol so thanks to OP for that! :slight_smile:

Price for dementia: 37.16 British pounds + three months time.


Not stupid at all, simply a mistake, which you learnt from, you also shared it so others could learn.

In my opinion , thats Quite the opposite of stupid.

Thats our Cyborg speciality


I have for sure done that on a number of occasions. I learned pretty quick to use one of the ksec cards to test with because it can rule out range or coupling issues with the implants.

That is an excellent point. I guess I should have checked to see if it was in stock before making this thread… :confused:


Thank you very much for sharing your story, I greatly appreciate it! I experienced a similar problem with a specific reader (a very old model) and I had just gotten a FlexM1 because I initally suspected the reading range of my xM1 being the core issue. As I now know, it is because I did the same mistake.

Luckily its still a worthwhile upgrade as the flex has a greatly improved reading range.

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You probably didn’t make a mistake. Some magic cards just do that.