Is my chip sliding back too much?

Hey, yall. I’ve had my chip for about 3 years now. It’s never been up this far and I just noticed it. Ignore the secondary mark which is me trying to move it.

I can’t get it back where it used to be, near the flap between my thumb and index. It doesn’t hurt or anything, but I’m concerned. Anyone have experience with this?


There are much more experienced people on the forum so listen to them over me, but I don’t think this is a huge concern. The skin above and around the implant doesn’t look white - if it did I believe would indicate a blood flow issue. Its still in a good location and the lack of pain is a good sign.

I’m not saying it won’t need to be remedied at some point, but I did want to give you a quick “you’re not in immediate danger, don’t panic” :slightly_smiling_face:


I appreciate that :slight_smile: thank you!!


I suggest looking around the forum some, there are a lot of posts from people with similar issues, and they have a lot of good advice, such as this one:

Pay close attention to anything Amal says, he’s definitely the expert.


Found this thread too


Well! I tried moving it back. It looks like that sucker is not going anywhere lol. I rock climb hard and consistently so I’m guessing I might have popped it?

I’ve marked it with sharpie and I’ll see if it moves… if it doesn’t, again, I don’t even feel it so I guess I might just have a new slot! I saw pics of other people’s implants that were in similar positions and that was quite comforting.

Amal if you’re reading this tho, I’d appreciate a quick you’re good or you’re not good :slight_smile:


What kind of climbing and what sort of grades are we talking? :thinking:


Haha okay not that hard :sob:

Just sent my first V7 this week! Felt like my hands were gonna rip off!!

Got a trip to Washington coming up, gonna climb fly boys 18 pitches, 1800 feet, but it’s just a 5.9


Damn that’s crazy, congrats on the send! I did some gym climbing for a bit but topped off around a v4, my stupid hands don’t have the grip strength to do anything more advanced :sweat_smile:


Pebble wrestling is savage. Oh, man! I hear the bolts are so close it’s easy to z-clip on that thing! Aaaand there goes the derailment.


righting the train.

I have noticed that my implant (in my dominant hand) appears to wander from time to time to time but i only notice it after ive done some extrenuous activity. I have just convinced myself it isnt actually moving but appears to due to me either being deydrated or my hand muscles being swollen from work i have done.

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Basically if it is not impeding your range of motion and has not slipped to rest overtop of a bone, then you’re fine. Sometimes these things move around a little, or as @Hamspiced indicated, they appear to due to changes in hand physiology… but they will only move laterally in the fascia tissue layer, and they typically will not move vertically through the layers or into muscle or anything like that. As such, your major concerns are movement to a location that impedes normal hand movements or activities, or placement over a bone. Other than that, you’re good :slight_smile: