Is my implant too deep?

Hello! I would like to know if my implant is too deep? Sometimes I do feel it, it’s not pain but mostly a discomfort. I’ve had it implanted months ago, not sure if something is wrong with it. I’ve attached some images below from MEGA Cloud, can’t upload them since the file size and resolution are too big :grimacing:, with my hand flexed and not. Thank you!

Imma go with a “probably”
Strong magnets, high end readers and a little luck could help you find it.

If you have access to a doctor who can help you with an X-ray that’s a more definitive method.

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It doesn’t look too deep to me personally, but everyone’s hands are different
So long as it’s not bothering you and you can use it well, it’s probably fine


Hey :wave: @amal ! Could you give your thoughts on this? I actually went to a doctor and he said that by feeling and the way it’s positioned it is not into the muscular tissue or too deep, it’s just under the skin, said no need for an X-Ray. Although I do feel the chip sometimes, wouldn’t say it hurts, just feels like it’s there with a little bit of pressure on it. Thanks :heart:!

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To me it sounds like it is just trying to find its forever home, If that was mine, I would not be too worried, I would still give it a bit more time to do what it wants to do, and

Corral it if you think it needs it, and pre-natal yourself if you think you need it.

Ah I see. I’ve worried a bit since it’s been a few months since I got it. Thanks :+1:

That’s just my take on it,
if it is reading and writing OK, and it is not painful, I wouldn’t be too concerned.

Others may have further advice, but at the end of the day, it is your body, and you will have a better idea of what your body is trying to tell you…

The fact you can see yours is already a good sign, almost none of mine are visible, but they all read and write acceptably well and have all been very stabilized

Everyone’s bodies different

agree with the guys on this one :slight_smile:

So, I just started working out again despite the microchip feeling weird and ODDLY enough literally every discomfort which I’ve had just suddenly went away. I’m not entirely surprised since my body usually acts in many strange ways. Thank again everyone for the help! :heart: