Is my titan placed correctly?

I’ve done my Titan instal last sunday, 5 days ago, and it’s been healing quite well, I think. It was supposed to be in the pinky-side of the ring finger, however when I try to touch it to feel the implant, I can feel a pretty solid bump on the red spot in this picture :

Here are pictures of two angles of the magnetic field as viewed thanks to the magnetic film, according to it it looks like it’s positionned correctly, on the side of the finger, so I don’t know what to think :

So, is what I’m feeling just the wound being hard due to the tissue healing or something ? Or is my implant really right in the middle of my finger ?


if it is not causing any troubles just let it heal and wait how it evolves.

i mean you placed a piece of metal in your finger so a bump is expected^

Its close to the joint but i would just wait and see how it feels fully healed - i mean you can replace it then anyway if you are not satisfied

oh and congrats on the installation!


Sure, a bump is expected, but it was expected to be present on the side of the finger, not right in the middle of it x)
If it stays that way, I won’t be able to grab anything strongly with that finger, it’s going to be a huge pain

Thanks :slight_smile:

The titan is flipped on the side and not laying flat
(according to that magnet viewing film)

Im not a medical professional or anything but i would wait it out and see how it heals :slight_smile:

After one or two more weeks you can probably flip the titan with another magnet
Others from this Forum will weigh in soon too i think and you will hear their opinion :slight_smile:

ah, can you draw us a picture where tit titan actually is and where the bulge is?
two spots on the same picture would be great

Yeah, that’s a good thing, right ? I mean, if it’s supposed to be on the side of the finger, then it’s gotta be flat against it ( like, the thin side vertical when having my hand layed out horizontally )
Or am I mistaken ?

I don’t understand exactly what you mean by that, can you clarify ? I don’t know where exactly is the Titan for sure, but the picture with the red dot is where I feel the bulge, if that’s what you were asking

I can flip it the other side when moving it just a bit with a magnet, and it looks like this :

Is it any better ? I almost can’t feel the bump, but at the same time it’s really right in the middle, so it’s gonna be a huge bother for grabbing stuff

The placement is not the best indeed but the distance to the side of the finger is not huge.
If the placement doesn’t fit you then you might be able to make it migrate a tiny bit, especially before it’s healed. I personally would apply a light constant pressure against it from the joint up and in the pinky direction. Maybe with tape around your finger or an elastic band. Don’t make it to tight though, don’t block the blood from flowing.
Another option I have tried successfully in the past is to tape a magnet to the side of the finger you want to attract it to but in your configuration I’m not sure if it’s possible. Also it’s more risky…

I don’t see exactly how you’d use tape or an elastic to move it to the side, could you explain that ? Or do a lil’ paint drawing or something x)

Tape in blue
Potential super-glued magnet in yellow
And then just wait for time to do it’s thing (unless you feel any pain)

Edit: green arrow is the direction you would want it to go

Alright, I see, I’ll think about doing that, gotta hear some other people’s opinions about it too, especially given how dangerous it could be to superglue a magnet so close to an implant :slight_smile:
Thanks !

Yes the magnet one is risky, but the tape can’t hurt much. Especially with titans, they won’t have coating issues :grin:

True ! So, the tape is supposed to compress the skin so it pushes the implant away ? For that, should the implant be facing that way :

or this way :


Also, I suppose I’d better wait until the stitches come off for that, right ?

Or you use a bandaid to both protect the stitches and push the implant. Just have the dege of it right against the side of the titan and make it a bit tighter than normal (at least to prevent the titan from coming closer to the joint, that’s what I’m worried about)

Yes, like a bubble of air under a sticker

Ideally flat (second one) but it’s gonna spin on its own anyway whenever a force is applied, not much you can do about that

Got it, and how much time do I have to do that ? I’ve read encapsulation took around 2 to 4 weeks to really start, so I guess I should push it with a bandaid for a month ?

If you don’t mind it then yes, le longer the better. Make a dot with a marker to see after a couple days if it has moved at all.
Keep in mind the titan is relatively thick, there’s no guarantee this will work to push it but at least it should stop it from going towards the stitches and joint which is what usually happens during encapsulation.

Alright, I see, thanks. In the case that it would stay in this location permanently, would it be bother ? Wouldn’t it get in the way when gripping things, or climbing ?

It would but since it’s encased in Titanium there’s no risk you’re going to break it. It all comes down to how inconvenient/painful it is to you daily. You might get used to it or it might move out of the way over time or it might be super annoying so I can’t help you on that. I would personally keep it and see.

This is accurate.

A properly encapsulated magnet in the shape of the Titan should not migrate, but “tumbling” or rotating in place is always going to be an issue because tissue doesn’t adhere to the surface of the implant. The encapsulation just creates a “sphere of tissue” around it.

My personal experience has been that placing magnets or really anything in the fingers or fingertips will always present some sort of usability challenge for most people. Sometimes people opt to put these things on the side of their finger to avoid issues with gripping… But it really just comes down to how much uncomfortableness you can handle. As stated previously, the Titan is encased in pure titanium and will not break, so it’s not so much of a safety issue as it is a comfort issue.


Mine is placed a little bit higher but if you have no problems it’s OK