Is my xG3 rejecting?

My installer was worried that the xG3 would reject due to the lack of space in my fingertip. Because of his concern I’ve been paranoid about it and monitoring it closely. It’s been 3 weeks since install and I’ve started trying to get back to using that finger like normal. It feels warmer than my other fingers and sometimes the implant is very visible. I can push it in and it settles in a better spot. Sometimes the end sticks out like this.

Is it rejecting or just still healing? Should I keep some kind of compression bandage on it so it stays in the “settled” position?

Ok, so I felt like it was really just the end close to the knuckle thst was the problem so I decided to try “reseating” it. I used moderate force and wiggling and eventually there was a pop and now it’s sitting in a much better location. I’ll monitor it and keep adjusting it as needed and see how it goes.


So how did it go? I have an xG3 that I’d like to put in one of my fingertips but the more I look at my dainty digits the more I’m concerned about not having the room. Would love to know how this seated itself long term.

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I’m a chubby fella with smaller hands, I have a titan, a xsiid and a xg3 v2 in different fingertips. No problems here. You’ll find that flesh is quite accommodating when you are careful.

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It sorted itself out.

A caveat though, I am a real life fairy tale giant at 6’7" (2m) with very large hands.



Sorry, couldn’t help myself :rofl:

So do have you have bulging or calluses, or have you found it’s the internal tissue that gives way and makes room for the implants?

Thanks for the update. That looks like it found itself a home quite nicely. Is it a v1 or a v2? Lifting vs sensing?

That’s the v1. I have a v2 in my thumb.

Honestly I get just as much sensing out of the v2 as I do the v1. I don’t know if it’s just a quirk of installation or what but the sensing aspect is almost indistinguishable.

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Good nerve genes, that’s what that’ll be for sure… You’ll be 50 with the nerves of a teenager!