Is my xLED HF broken?

I just got 3 implants put in 3 days ago. The Spark 2, NExT, and xLED HF, all in P0 across both hands. I’m getting great reads from the spark and NExT, but no light from the xLED. The xLED is with the NExT in my right hand. Swelling is almost completely gone down, but I still can’t get it to light up. Not even when using the proxmark 3. Could the xLED be broken?

No, sorry buddy, the xLED is a “Dumb” chip.

Purely for blinky show-y off-y purposes.

If you want a blinky with a “smart” chip, then you would grab yourself an xSIID

So the xLED is not going to “read” as such.

But as @invalid_signal said below, likely inflammation preventing being able to see the light. :bulb:
The LED could also be facing inwards, which won’t help.
Just give it some time, and try it in a darkend room.

The Proxmark also doesn’t put out a huge amount of power, so don’t expect too much from it this early in the healing process.
A high power wall reader or ACR122U would be a better gauge, but really, just wait a couple of weeks, and you should be ET-ing it


oh, and


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Even if there are no visible signs of swelling, there still could be swelling. I had no visible signs of swelling, but it still affected writing to my implants. A couple weeks to let it heal would be good in my opinion, also trying to find the right place on the Proxmark can be difficult, especially with x series HF implants.

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Another thing that is very possible that isn’t dwell exactly but similar is blood pooling around the implant which will block the light very well. Unlike interstitial swelling, pooled blood can take a much longer time to clear because it requires a different process from the body to clear it.


Whoops, I meant to put it was not lighting up, not that I couldn’t read it. I put it next to the NExT knowing it will only light up, never read. I do plan on getting an xSIID (or four) eventually. I crave the blink!

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It seems like I just need to wait for it to heal a bit longer then. Gotta admit, I have been pretty excited and impatient for these for a while!

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I got really excited after my installs and was able to read my implants, but had a few failures with the read, plus write. Messed up my xSIID with a write, all due to healing process. Just gotta wait some time for the most part.
I know it’s difficult, I posted a pic of me messing with my magnet implant the night I had it installed and Satr9 told me to stop my shit lol
Waiting is the most difficult part.

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Hi i am 8 days post NeXt chip and XLED install. Both parts of the NeXt are working now with the XLED still to light up. I do have quite a bruise that is finally starting to fade so am being impatiently patient for the blood to absorb.

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Waiting is ALWAYS the most difficult part

Thank you. Thank you.

I see posts about HF XLED. Will those be available again?

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ITS ALIVE XLED now glowing!!