Is NExT right for these cards?

Hi there, I am looking to clone my school ID or room key onto a implant and I am currently looking at the NeXT Standard Kit to get the best of both worlds. My Student ID seems to be a HID 0009Y card and my room key is an Assa Abloy RFID Key. I’ve included pictures of them below. Would the NeXT be the right choice and would I be capable of cloning the ID’s?

Also, can anyone recommend a read/write device that would work?

Cloning cards is a big topic, and it all depends on which type of card it is. Before you can tell if it’s possible to clone you will need to find out more about the cards.

The first thing I always do for new cards is check if my phone can read it with an app like NFC Tools. If it can read something, then it’s NFC, but it could also have a low frequency chip, too.

When it comes to cloning a card, in short, the IDs for the NFC part of this implant cannot be changed, the low frequency part can be but you will need a specific tool like the cloners sold at DT or the proxmark3. The proxmark is the best tool to use, but it’s expensive and a bit involved. If you go with the cloner be careful which one because some will set a password on the chip.