Is the RC522 reader from Amazon compatible with xNT?

Will this generic MiFare RC522 reader from Amazon work with the xNT chip? It appears to use the same ISO14443A standard but I cannot seem to get mine talking after implantation Friday. Anyone else try this reader and perhaps have some Arduino code that works? (I know the reader works as it’s my current setup for front door access - using the tags that came with the board…)

I know that the arduino has a default library that works with this scanner. Its the same one that you can buy in china shops for a few bucks.
This scanner is used in a few Videos on YouTube. Try to check them out

Yes, I know about the default library - as I said, I’m currently using it with an Arduino and the tags that it came with. My question is will the xNT chip work with this reader, has anyone tried it, and if so what code am I missing? I cannot find any YouTube videos on this specific arrangement, if that’s what you’re suggesting.

Mhhh I havent tried it yet. I ordered the same reader. Should arrive in a few days.
I thought it would work because of the same ISO standard and the same freuquenzy.

When it arrives I try it out and let you know if it work or not.
Maybe its just a code or connection problem.

Edit: I check the needed programm code when my reader arrives. When I get it to work I tell you the

This should work. I believe it is similar to the sparkfun one. You can try to find if they have docs available. What have you tried

Awesome, Revotap, appreciate the help!!

Im happy to meet someone in the same situation. I havent found
information about this reader with an NFC implant.
And I searched a lot :smiley:

The RC522 works with ISO14443A so yes it is compatible… whether or not the antenna will work well with the xNT is another story.

Curs50r, I’m currently running this code on GitHub and simply waved my hand in front of the reader, expecting the Arduino to produce a “denied” response. I’ll try running a simple data dump program tonight to see if it’s getting anything from the chip…

Thanks, Amal! Wow, the man himself?! If so, I want to say thank you for all the work in making this available and affordable. I bought your book years ago (prob 2011?) and have been eagerly waiting to do this ever since…I can’t tell you how excited I was when I saw that your product was on the market! In response to your answer, can you recommend a similar “bare-board” reader that features a viable antenna? How well does your PN532 reader/writer work with the xNT? I see there’s a lot of support and sample code available, so if the antenna is solid I’ll give it a shot…

Hi Johnny :slight_smile: Yep, it’s me!

Our PN532 board works fairly well with the xNT. It’s not perfection by any means, but it does work. The flexNT of course works amazing with pretty much all readers, but installing it is a huge leap in body mod difficulty over the xNT.

Right on. I see your list of compatible devices, but do you know of any “stand-alone” readers, as in a typical commercial door-access reader, that can be hardwired to an Arduino? (Something that would have a more powerful antenna, say…)

Not at this time, but I’m sure something exists.

Ok, I’ll do a little research and testing - if you’d like I can let you know what I find and how it works?

Yes indeed! Please do, I’d like to keep the list updated.