Is the XG3 biomagnet MRI safe?

I know the various chip implants are fine, but what about an actual magnet?

I do not know yet, I ordered it and wait for him to come home.
But it seems to me that they do not have it in stock anymore …
However Amal told me that they were working on a second unit.
If you wait a week or two, the time that I install it I could tell you what is the capacity of the magnet.
I say a week or two because DHL is late because of the plane …:grimacing:

KSEC Solutions has them in stock still :slight_smile:

Hi Cinja et al,

Unlike our other chip implants, it is not recommended that anyone get an MRI with an xG3 installed. The best approach is to remove it prior to the MRI scan.

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Or put a shrapnel cover over it. Though I’ve heard reports of people with magnets getting an MRI with no issue. I can’t verify these claims though

Some did report they went through an MRI with the m31… still, it’s not official testing and there are too many variables involved to claim safety… but the xG3 is also much larger than the m31 was. It’s best to just have it removed.


I have now had four magnet implants. I have also had MRI’s done with no ill effects. The magnets are too small to cause any concern.

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Interesting. What was the T rating of the MRI?