Is their a confirmed life span for a PingIt payment implant? (For uk people)

I’m interested in getting a PingIt chip to convert but the only thing that’s keeping me on the stage of questioning whether I should or not is its lifespan.

I’m not richest guy in the world so before I start saving for $200 for the conversion I wanna make sure I can make it worth it for me, I Often forget my card and phone at home so the benefits are good for me but to seal the deal I guess a decent lifespan is what would sell it to me, part of me is hoping I can get 5 years minimum out of it. I’ve messaged PingIt and Barclays but got no response.

I looked on their website, it looks like for the majority of their devices (didn’t check all of them), they only guarantee 2 years minimum. 2-3 years is pretty common for payment conversions, sadly.

Here’s one as an example, says at the bottom. It showed the same for all form factors I checked.

I’ve seen mixed answers regarding if UK folks are eligible, but have you looked into Walletmor? They’re now able to do 5 years as of the latest statement, and due to their relationship with Amal, it’s essentially a DT flex implant (with the new antenna).

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I saw walletmor but it noticed it was certain EU member states or something along those lines which the UK is no longer a part of

Never mind i just noticed it says UK as a listed area, man I really need to wear my glasses more xD


Glad to hear that it should work for you then. It’s not cheap, but seems comparable to the cost of a payment conversion, plus you get the 5 years :grin:

Yeah as said pingir is 2-3yrs walletmor promising 5yrs and if you use the coupon futurist you save €30


Nice, I dont have even £5 to my name atm :joy: but gonna talk to the other half (she isnt into all this like me, only body mod she likes Is tattoos) but I hope to be able to have one end of year or 2022