Is there a way to get an xM1 Implant to work with a Smartphone?

Hey Guys,

since now about 2,5 Years I have an xM1 implant in my hand. I use this implant nearly every day to unlock doors in my house. In my house I have an Axis and a HID Reader. I also have information stored on the implant. I can Read / Write to the Chip with a Proxmox3 and this popular white ACR122U Reader.

But currently I’m facing this problem. With my old Huawei something smartphone I was able to read the chip. Currently I have an iPhone and a Xiaomi Red Note 10. Both Smartphones doesn’t detect the implant at all. One time I was able to read the chip with my iPhone. But that’s it. With the Red Note no success so far. And to be honest, I have currently no idea where this implant orientation card is to detect the field. Maybe it’s just a placement / orientation problem?

Do you use your implant with a smartphone?

an unjailbroken iphone is only able to read mifare classic NDEF messages but not chip info so whatever it showed you was probably signal noise.

hold the target phone perpendicular to the implant to get a read make sure it’s had a good time to heal to remove any blood based obstruction

your iphone won’t be able to read mifare classic so i’d give up on that aspect unless you wanna jailbreak

Wait what?

I know iPhones don’t have the nxp reader chip,
But are you saying if I write to my Xm1 using an android… the iPhone will pickup the ndef?

yes, if you write an iphone acceptable ndef message (currently only url/uri) the iphone will pick it up and promt the opening of that link. it wont give you any chipinfo or info about the message just that it has found an ndef you can open

alternatively. the IOS app shortcuts in the automations menu you can create automations from MFC nfc, it goes off the uid and writes nothing to the tag and doesnt show the uid but lets you name it and whenever your phone encounters that uid even if its MFC it will launch the automation

also just to clarify a bit on this.
Mifare Classic 1K are essentially ‘proprietary’. They don’t conform to the “NFC Forum” specifications (one could argue that makes them not NFC, but it feels pedantic). As such, only nfc reader/write chips by NXP (who makes Mifare Classic 1K) can talk to them, its not a hardware limitation just software. iPhone’s NFC reader/writer chip isn’t by NXP (can’t recall who makes it).

apple have revealed plans for later IOS version to support multiple different chiptypes from mifare classic to iso15693 (all high freq ofc) as they come to an nxp agreement but the ETA on that is unknown even to those with insider information

Interesting I was under the impression it was a hardware element l

nope just more of a legal one