Is there an ETA on flexClass restock? Any other new flex chips coming out?

I want to get a FlexMN and at the time of install just get some others that will provide even greater capability. HID iClass seems interesting. Are there any other new flex chips coming out that I should look out for?

Yah. Apex will probably be released this year… I hope :crossed_fingers:
Other things have been announced.
DT/VK is working on cool stuff, don’t worry :slight_smile:
As you might have seen DT just got into designing their own antennas which opens a lot of opportunities, it just takes time.
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Vivokey Apex is the next iteration of the Vivokey Flex. It will come in at least two flavours, Apex Flex and Apex Max (bigger antenna). There might be a glass version and it looks like there will be some wearables too.

The Flex class just came out (as a limited release). There are also some long term community projects like the BodyBytes and the Endochron.

Came out and sold out pretty quick…
The 16kb version is just waiting on @leumas95 to have some spare time

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Maybe I hit the order trigger a bit fast but I ordered the flexGlass with the Proxmark that said it was ETA something, what memory size can I expect that to come with?

  • flexClass 2kB implant sealed in vial of chlorhexidine solution

Yeah so I made a mistake with the flexClass + Proxmark3 bundle… it should have been marked backorder but it was not. I am making new flexClass 16kB now and the proxmark3 which is severely backordered from all factories is finally on the move to us now… we should have them in stock by end of next week, after which your order will ship out.