Is this Apex still safe to install?

I received an Apex Flex in July, 2022 and had plans to get it installed but some other things got in the way. I’m pretty sure it originally came in one of the rectangular DT boxes, but I must have taken it out.

It’s been stored in a zip lock bag with some other RFID and DT products I have. I never opened the outer plastic bag so I think it is still ok, but wanted to double check.

So long as the factory plastic bag hasn’t been opened you should be fine:

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Indeed. The polymer overbag the pouch is resting inside of is meant to protect the fragile sterilization pouch from moisture and finger oils etc. from handling. The only thing you could do to potentially compromise that would be to handle it excessively such that the pouch paper was compromised. Basically if you’ve just left it sitting in the ziplock bag and not touched it or crumpled it or really messed with it all that much it is totally fine.