Is this typical for a scan?

Is there a way I can broadcast an ID?

A scan of what? RFID Tags are not wifi.

is this an iPhone?

Do you try to write your wifi password on your implant?

@ JennyMcLane Yes & no

I thought it was the scanning app picking up the near field signal of the chip while I’m holding the iPhone since your question I’ve tried a few things & concluded it’s not… I wonder what it could be it started a few months ago right after the app updated I seem to have some sort of a mystery at home…should I be checking all the light switches and wall plugs for bugs :scream::crazy_face::thinking:

LOL, check out the “Fallowed or watched 24/7” thread. :smiley:

Best thing to do is just go log into your wifi router and pull up the network map. That will tell you all the devices on your network and likely shed some light on the issue.

Okay I’m not amused at all!!! it would seem I’m being targeted by a hacker in my neighborhood and I might have and idea as to who
This just happened

@ I0TA OMG that’s hilarious :rofl: I’ve been here almost a year now and never saw that :eye::eyes::eye:

What app is popping that up?

If you’re asking about the SSL Split warning the app is a private security package program and app bundle from the Middle East we use at work