Is XSiiD also Mifare Ultralight?

I happen to find out in a hard way that my apartment locks support “Mifare Classic” and although the detector and the keychains detect a hint of NFC signal, no matter how i attempt to pair and read the NExT implanted today on me, it wont work because it isnt recognized by the device as a “Mifare Classic”

Anyway, are there any other implants that we have that is “Mifare Classic” device compatible?

These two classifications will definitely help our future patrons in order to classify their needs and wants prior to purchase.

But i dont regret it, i can still use it as a vaccine card and write other commands anyway.

Still bought 4 XSiiDs and 1 VivoKey on its way to me.

Just looking at other options haha :grin:

the xm1 is for mifare classics

your detector wasn’t picking up “NFC signal” it was picking up high frequency. of which contains all of NFC, some other 14a card techs and a handful of other technologies such as 15693

but in this case. you’d need an xm1, flexm1 or flexm1g2

All the info is actually on the DT product pages, the problem is people have to understand and know what they need/want before they purchase.
A lot don’t.
For example,
if you knew that you needed Mifare classic BEFORE you bought your NExT, then you would have seen

Sometimes people come to the forum and ask BEFORE they buy.
We then give them likely solutions, in your case, we would have pointed you to the xM1 and FlexM1 as @Equipter did above.
That’s part of what the forum is here for.

You seem to be more impulsive than research-y.
That’s not a bad thing, just know, before your next purchase, just ask and we will all do our best to answer your question so you can make an informed decision.

There was a possibility that your NExT could have worked, but not as much as an xM1.

And yeah, I’m glad you don’t have buyers remorse, the NExT implant is a great product

Are you going to implant a Thanos infinity gauntlet with your XSIIDs?

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Don’t forget to share

Just FYI
Vivokey is the Company
Spark 2 is the product.

Keep an eye out for the Apex; another Vivokey product line, due out soon™

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EXACTLY :sweat_smile: thanks anyway bro :grin:

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Bro, the rest just arrived! :blush:


Hi Guys!

Here we go again! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

so, i got a spark2, NeXT and 4 XSiiDs installed and none seem to have been compatible with my MetalWare MW105LC Digital Lock from (China); which i found out in a hard way to be working on a Mifare Classic 1k Chip.

With all things mentioned above as i admittedly have allowed my impulsiveness get the best out of my rational self to have the due diligence to research prior to any purchase, i would like to ask your guidance as to whether buying a XM1 will be like a “Plug & Play” Key Fob just like what i currently use in my apartment units.

attached below are the two “existing key fob” the way they look and their specifications (which appears) upon scanning with [NFC TOOLS] which works with my apartment locks which happen to work with “mifare classic 1k”

Key fob which comes with the lock package and the specs upon scanning with “NFC TOOLS

The Generic Key fob i bought online with its specs upon scanning with “NFC TOOLS

Will getting an XM1 “Automatically” allow me to register the XM1’s ID or specification with my lock as it comes with its pre-programmed specification, or i need to still clone the existing key fob with my XM1?

Hoping it will be more of a plug and play thing though, i am basically illiterate on programming :joy:

Assuming that the XM1 has to contain some configuration then yes you should be able to just add it to the lock without setting the UID to something specific.

I just scanned a magic (gen 2) ring and it does have a UID set.

Thanks Bro!

Im wondering if theres anybody iut here who has a XM1 and willing to share the screenshot or specs of his chip upon scanning thru NFC TOOLS?

Certainly, I was going to jump in and suggest 2 things.

  • NFC Tools, is great for writing data sets, but TagInfo is generally more accurate for reading chip types.

The xM1 is highly likely compatible, but the xSeries coupling is not as easy as a Flex Series.
My opinion the xM1 COULD work a FlexM1 almost certainly will.

NFC Tools scan as requested inbound, wait one…

Thanks bro! Seeing how flexm1 was implanted HERE kind of makes me really take my chances with XM1 :sweat_smile:

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From what I understand the needle really isn’t much bigger than for the XM1 install, but the capabilities are significantly better on the flex series.

That needle is basically being used to make a pocket for the implant to sit in. An alternative is a scalpel and a dermal lifter.

Anyway, as we can see that particular XM1 has a UID. My Magic Ring also has a UID, so I think you would be OK just to get one and add it to the door lock.

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