ISO implant that measures biomarkers (ie., heart rate, blood sugar, heart rate, etc)

Hey all! This is my first ever post so I’m going to introduce myself - I’m a 26 year old from NJ who has been following DT for years but only recently took the plunge myself and got a NExT and 125kHz xEM from J.R. Swiss at Mean Street Tattoo in Bensalem, PA (which was was an amazing experience by the way) last Saturday 5/29. I got both of them in my left hand ~5mm apart between my index and thumb - healing really well so far other than one slightly poking my skin (can provide pics) but I attribute that to swelling or something.

I suffer from a few different disabilities - fibromyalgia, syringomyelia, chronic migraines and some other medical conditions like asthma. I would love to be able to have an implant that measures my temperature, blood oxygen level, heart rate, or blood sugar - really any of those. I know DT doesn’t have any for sale right now, but I was curious if there’s anyone in the community that has created their own or knows someone who has. It would hugely improve my quality of life so I definitely want to do it at some point. My body has been working against me for 20 years, if I can improve it myself and like myself a little more through body mods I will.

Semi-related: I am trying to get into a beta program (I don’t even know if there is one) for Vivokey’s payment implant. Do you think it would be worth it to get a VivoKey Spark 2 now knowing that the Apex will be coming out in the near (I think? Correct me if I’m wrong please.) future? I feel like I am missing out on the VivoKey [eco]system, but am caught between getting a Spark 2 now/waiting to hear back about the payment implant/waiting for the Apex.

Anyway, thank you all in advance for any help. I am super excited to be a part of this community and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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Aint that a little close crosstalk wise?
I’d wait for the Apex, this month was announced in an interview if I’m not wrong? I guess at least this year the Apex will come.
But still, get a walletmor or payment conversion for payment.

5mm is the recommended distance between same freq implants, its cutting it close considering all the other places OP could have placed it but in general it should be fine

Oh it’s coming out this month? That’s awesome! I didn’t know.

And the xEM doesn’t involve any data transfer so there wouldn’t be any issues there.



who told you that? the xem very much does transfer data thats like all it does

The xem is a t5577 chip that can emulate a multitude of chips / technologies / UID schemes. This would be impossible if it didn’t need data to be transfered to it.

Ofcourse if your only use for the xem is to use an xac then sure you can use the default setup.

However the xem is a Low frequency chip while the Apex is a high frequency chip so there shouldn’t be an issue there (and if I am wrong please feel free to beat me up about it…)

However the NeXT includes a second T5577 so the xem and the NeXT are rather close together.

@Zwack @Devilclarke @Equipter Oof, I keep mixing up xEM with xLED. :joy: What I meant to say in my OP (will edit) is that I got a 125kHz xLED.


ah yes thats pretty different :sweat_smile:

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