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Lol in the forehead again that means id be bowing down and confessing several times a day at the ark of the covenant (vehichle). I being Israel the Lord’s rod of iron (blossiming rod of Aaron) entering the ark of the covenant. I count a confession (right hand on bible as good as worship anyway).


Can i get a list of professional peircers jnc


Here you go. Thanks for asking!



Thats great i guess i could go with the guy in san jose. Seeing its the closest location. We will see if i feel like waiting until next month to install. Another thing why cant i enter dangerousthings with my spark2. Jw. Kthanks.

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So how do i access the apex business card its.not lettingmmemopen it when i click on it.

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Who installed it?


I did ot again i cant get the busines card to work or the opt operator for.spme reaspn do you k ow how i can access my business card? It just blinks when i press it

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Did you install the NFC Share applet through the Fidesmo app?


Not yet ill vheck into it

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So, Firstly, remember this install is like your others and there will be some trauma to the area, especially your installs.
This may cause you some issues, so you may want to wait a couple of weeks before expecting good, reliable and consistent reads and writing.

you’ll need / want two apps



APEX Manager

there are 2 ways to set up Business cards
One, as @Aoxhwjfoavdlhsvfpzha mentioned above, which is the “usual” way


Via APEX Manager


This is the area day 3, thanks i jus got to examine fidesmo i guess because the photo you listed on the regular read will not open when i press business card. So i will check into it. BTW im sueing all state for everything worth. 45 billion dollars. Then i get half because my Attorney took the case pro bono. But my apr every three months is 5% right now can you emagine? I got a ten year banned for visiting israel with my judaism certificate, which its their law of return i was under and they banned me for 10 years and said i tried to make a public call to boycott myself. Which upsets me because my jewish nation of Israel is just gonna have to wait patiently for messiah while hes in california. Is there a defect in my implant if i cant access the business card directly? I just press it and it doesnt open may it just be my galaxy? Thanks you guys much love and respect!

Your hand looks swollen as fuck, all the swelling is going to interfere with getting a good read of your implant.
There is also some redness which may be a sign of some infection.
I would suggest you clean the install site, (with soap NOT Annointing oils) then apply some sort of bandage ( Tegaderm or similar )
GAH, I just lost interweb connection an lost the rest of my post…


What type of Samsung do you have?

Does it have a larger lower NFC antenna or is it smaller next to the camera lenses?

You could get DT RSP
I think in your situation, you would be better off getting a Hammy Field detector for optimum placement, and whilst you are in his store, grab yourself one of his repeaters

Get one (or more) of the left
and depending on your phone
Large lower NFC antenna and a case, get a V2.1 (Large)
Smaller NFC antenna by the lenses and/or no case, get the V3 Flex

Field Detector
Appropriate Repeater

2+ weeks to heal


This is what it looks like pilgrimsmaster please block out my serial number asap. Cuz i dont have paint to do it yet lol. Anyways everything is blank how do i get them to glow white. Just wond wondering about to go seeking in the fidesmo app. Thanks

The applets get installed using the Fidesmo app

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When you take a screenshot, just use the crop function

Can you do me a couple of favours.

  • Can you read back all your recent posts and replies, because we have given you all the answers you need.
    You keep asking the same questions in differnet threads expecting a different result…
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  • Lets keep all your questions in your special thread.

I’ll move the ones above there now…AND here we are


did you download it?

First youll need to connect to it
Press the :heavy_plus_sign: button
Then Scan your Apex…it will take a while…especially with your hand swelling, so It may not scan at all until it heals

Then select your Apex from the list of one…

Then select “connect service” and choose the applets you want to install

Follow the instructions

Be patient, some applets can take a while


I’m starting to wonder if there’s someone crazy enough to self install a flex!?