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It was asked for…I am just facilitating

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Is it ssfe to get aome art work done around the vivo key or will it crack the casing if a needle hits it or should it be alright i wanted to get some illustrations around where my vivokey is at. Then also i planned to possible get a 8kb memory chip inbetween my pinky and ring finger on right hand should i get the art work before implanting more chips or what?

Not sure if I should reply or not but I guess that this is related to safety so I’ll bite…

If you want a tattoo with a chip under it, get the tattoo first, let it fully heal, and then get the chip.

Here’s a more detailed explanation about this:

Iight then

Can you hook up venmo with next implant. And also is vivo key coming out with contactless payment would I have to get a new chip or would my chip already work. Thanks.

There is an video floating around with a payment made using an xNT and Venmo, but it was set up by a programmer working at Venmo and it’s not supported by the standard Venmo app.

I’m a bit nervous, but this could get interesting…

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Is this the same user from before with the forehead implant?


I think so… Now I want to know if he really got that implant or not…

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it was so weird cuz it wasnt even a contactless payment situation, it was literally the venmo guy writing a request link URL and the coffee shop owner using their own contactless to pay and then requesting the amount from the guys venmo. such a bad and misinformation video


I did not know it was that fucking bad… ugh


yes 100%,
then went anonymous
then set up a different account that I killed
Now back to original

Well, I was going to do some “administration”
but I’ll let it play out a little longer.

Otherwise I’m going to scare him away with beasty… :wink:

Note to myself: Never search for something like “big black beast” on a search engine with no child protection enabled.


Well now I have to…

Edit: I was expecting much worse.

Yeah, I mean, it’s okay, it was just totally not what I was looking for :rofl:

I’m pretty sure both Jesus and the Beast hate Venmo