Issue reading FlexMN

So I got the wedge flexMN, but haven’t yet had a chance to implant it. I decided to try and reprogram it while it’s still in its vial, to test out some tags. I haven’t been able to get a hit. Both with my PM3 Easy, and my phone (using TagInfo and just trying to read it regularly). The PM3 showed a voltage drop when I approached it with the tag, but when trying to read the chip- nothing.

I was wondering if this was the case for other people? Would I have to implant it first to be able to use it? Or do I have to be worried? I’ve seen some others have similar issues, so I’m wondering if it’s more a consistent thing across the magic NTAGs.

The pm3 easy has an extra pcb in the middle… the hf antenna is on the bottom pcb. Try flipping the pm3 over and placing the flexMN directly on top of the hf antenna

Oh also try doing a change config script run first before reading… some of them I didn’t init before shipping

Thank you, I try doing both!

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