Issues with Forum Images not loading on some mobile browsers

I forgot to ask before… do you use any VPN service? or anything with the likes of PiHole in your network…?

That could also explain it.

“A system can only be as secure as it’s still convenient. Increase security and it’ll become bypassed”

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Amals typical talk features this (not the exact words) and mentions how vivokey is both secure and convinient at the same time

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AKA use Vivokey to login to the forums…
smart business model

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Working with cyber security I’ve come to experience first hand how atrociously worst is the security of “secure aware” companies in comparison to regular companies led by people gifted with common sense. :sweat_smile:

People making security solutions often misjudge the value their customers (and users) will place on security while devaluing convenience at the same time. It’s a fundamental mismatch…



Very true!!

Another big issue I see constantly is that, especially with big companies, there is a very big conflict of interest within security decision making.

Usually companies/systems have 1 person ultimately responsible for it’s security and, most often than not, the best decision for the benefit of that 1 person is the worst decision security-wise.

Classic example:

Security must keep evolving: What is secure today is only so untill someone breaks it, then we need to adapt and change.

Yet… the bigger the company, the more adverse it is to change.
This leads to a bigger responsibility placed upon anyone who’s pushing for changes.

So… if a Security chief pushed for any change in the security measures currently in place, and then there was a security breach… he will automatically be blamed. Potentially losing his job and tainting his career. Even if the breach was not caused by his changes!

Alas if that same person does nothing, and a breach occurs because they never made changes needed… they are most likely to not suffer any consequences because higher management tends to see that as “well, the measures we had in place are so good that for 20 years they kept us safe! So there is no one to blame”.
Even worst… the security chief can then present the action plan he knows he should have implemented before… but now presented as an “emergency countermeasure”… And he gets a promotion for being able to solve this crisis so fast! (I’ve seen that happen)

More relevantly for us, immagine this scenario…

I approach my facility security chief about replacing my badge’s ID with an implant one.
The guy freaks out. absolute buffoon.

I escalate it to the overarching chief of security for the company.
He knows about things.
We talk briefly.
At some point conversation goes somewhat like this:

  • Me: “what if I lose my badge tomorrow and someone uses it to gain access?”

  • Security Chief: “Then you are responsible for it.”

  • Me: “But that would have happened after I presented you with an option that would have prevented it.”

  • Security Chief: “Nothing changes. We already have a whole process devised to handling lost badges. It’s going to be Business As Usual and no need for any deep investigation. You will still be to blame, because that is what due process states, but as long as there was no gross negligence you’ll be fine. But if I let you get your implant on the system and Larry loses his badge, completely unrelated, then the change on the system for your badge will flare up on the process and now both you and me will have to provide steelclad proof that this change had no impact on security. And don’t forget you will have to convince people who still think microchips can track you in real time, or worst! And even if we convince them, my reputation won’t be the same anymore.”

  • Me: “Fair point.”

I’m sorry I find it very difficult to read your essays replies :sweat_smile:


I do type stupidly fast (hence my concern about magnets on my fingertips: all my 10 digits hit keys constantly from all angles).

So don’t worry, I’m not offended!! :laughing:

I often get surprised how long my posts turn out as well! :stuck_out_tongue:

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No I don’t, I don’t use any VPN.:woman_shrugging:t2:

no clue then… :woman_shrugging:

i hate humans.

“this button A says lock the door and this button B says unlock the door and well you pressed the lock button at an odd time… so how do we know that didn’t secretly unlock the door?”

i wish we could still challenge people to duels with pistols… i wish…



Completely agree!


One day you’ll get there!! :laughing:


I’m with you buddy




tenor (71)


So listen, we all have bad days. That’s why nobody should have absolute power … guaranteed the planet is getting wiped :wink:


hence the solution:

All Hail A.I. Overlord!!


Ascend and become AI!