Issues with Forum Images not loading on some mobile browsers

I can’t see any videos or photos on the post, am I the only one? :thinking:

Sometimes (often?) the backblazeb2 backend that serves up media on this here board fails to do its job. It happens regularly for me. Give it some time, it’ll probably start working again at some point.

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That makes me think it’s more to do with your crazy ammount of security stuff than the servers.

If I turn on my Brave Shields, or Adblock, or let it sink into PiHole, I have no media from this forum.

As soon as I remove these, everything is back to normal.

Are you using any adblock style browser feature?


I can confirm, I have some strange behaviour too, 100% due to my blocking.
Sometimes images are just blocked, even tho’ they are allowed to load.
Sometimes they don’t show up in uMatrix, so I disable it temporarily, then I can view videos again.

Yeah, it only works fine if I completely disable/bypass the blocking for DT.
Just “whitelisting” (such as on adblock) seems to still kick the block in sometimes…

Nope… I’m on Edge on my phone, I’ve got the forum on quick access on my home screen, and never happened before :thinking:

I do respect your bravery.
Or masochism.
Either way… respect!

Now, jokes aside… being Edge, I never know which weird behaviour to expect… :woman_shrugging:

It is only not as bad as IE, from a dev’s perspective. :rofl:
(Oh, boy… IE might have, single handedly, halted web development about 15 years on it’s tracks) :yum:

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Any suggestions for new browser? I’m open to them. I just like the logo and the sleek look. I hate round corners like Chrome’s.

To be honest…
for mobile there isn’t a single useful modern browser whose UI does not disgust and annoys me.

@Pilgrimsmaster alert! This might turn into quite a de-rail. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I set mobile browsers in the following categories:

A) Either absolutely useless, or buggy, or so good that causes most modern sites and services flag it as a bot:

  • Brave (my network keeps blocking me, most services flag me as bot… it is a pain to use for reasons beyond the browser)

  • Firefox Focus (Still bears the last decent UI from firefox mobile but suffers from the same issues as Brave)

  • IE / Edge / Opera / Default Proprietary Browsers (ex: Samsung, Mi, Mint…) / Dolphin / Safari / Puffin… The list goes on…: just too buggy or problematic.

B) Just having this browser installed halves my battery life:

  • Chrome: Given that When left open in an Idle computer, chrome raises both my CPU and GPU usage to roughly 80-90%, across all my computers. this includes both a 2 GbRAM and an overclocked 32 GbRAM machines. And I honestly can’t think of any licit activity that would justify how a single open browser process can sap so much processing! Also, ever since I ripped chrome out of my old samsung phone… the batteries that used to last 4 hours now last more than a Day. Only difference is no longer having Chrome there.

C) UX is sooooo Avant Garde that it’s went around the improvement loop and is currently on the “experimental shit” stage:

  • Chrome: This browser kept making so many improvements in UX to reach the maximum number of users, and make it soooo Dumb Friendly that now I just can’t endure it anymore.

  • Firefox / Nightly / Chromium etc… They all decided that copying Chrome’s UX was a great Idea. :woman_shrugging:

D) Decent browser with a minimum standard of safety/privacy, which does not bug out neither is treated like an unknown threat by the network, and where I do not need 3 to 7 clicks just to switch tabs…

  • (insert tumbleweed gif here)

So… yeah, I basically gave up on browsing from my phone. :expressionless:

I still have hopes that within 6 months Google will inevitably make an accidental “undumbening” of it’s UI… then everyone else will inevitably copy it and I’ll be happy again. :sweat_smile:


Fuck that’s depressing :joy::joy:
I’ll stay with what I have. Until something with a privacy-bug relation is acceptable. :roll_eyes:

@Pilgrimsmaster end of de-rail! :joy:


Changed to Chrome and images still not showing, so might not be a browser glitch :weary:. Some videos show, but not images.

Weird indeed. :neutral_face:

I don’t come anywhere near chrome, but tested the forum now on Focus, Firefox and Brave. all with no adblock/etc and via mobile data…

Focus fails to load images. Brave and Firefox work fine.
(Also, Focus requested me to perform a Captcha before loading the forum)

Raised adblock and brave shields: No images in either.

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This is what I get, always the same images that don’t show. Some images do, most of the videos don’t, except YouTube videos. Now I’m on Brave and same thing happens. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Edit: Firefox is the key. Tried them all but that is the only one that works correctly apparently.

I managed to get that image showing on my Brave. but again, had to tweak the shields.

If is the one browser which works the most consistently across all, imo.

Also… given that our de-rail is actually in a good shape for something usefull in it’s own, and we are in a review Thread…

@Pilgrimsmaster, would you please be so kind and move this into a Thread of it’s own?

Something like “Issues with Forum Images not loading on some mobile browsers”



Thanks @Pilgrimsmaster!!

When we next meet I’ll be sure to (try) get you some Ramune ice cream as a token of gratitude!! :grin:
(unless you didn’t like it. in which case you are being herectic and I’ll be forced to recommend you visit a sanatorium) :crazy_face:

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As others have pointed out, we ended up moving our file and image storage for this forum to backblaze because the server itself was seeing a lot of files and bandwidth and it only got worse once I bumped the max file size way way up so I could post MP4 vids without needing youtube or any 3rd party… but… pretty much every privacy protection scheme out there is going to flag off-site embedded images as “tracking pixels” and refuse to load them. That’s why you are having this issue.

To remedy you should be able to whitelist URLs in your settings that turn off this type of protection for whitelisted sites.

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It is a real problem on this board, as half the forum dwellers speak in GIFs. Here the image problem actually interferes with communication :slight_smile:


I use Brave with shields and it works fine. Both mobile & on windows.

I resolved it by switching to Firefox. Apparently its the only browser that allows me to see images. But it’s only some images… In some threads I can see some images and the others that won’t load for some reason. Images I uploaded didn’t show either.
With Firefox I can load all, and is not as a snitch as Chrome.

Stoopid security vs convenience as usual