¿It is possible to clone an HID CLASS GY on a xEM RFID Chip?

I want to copy my university card to an xEM RFID CHIP, but i do not know if it is the proper chip. My university card says it is an HID CLASS GY, i have done a little bit of research but I have not found information about what ¨GY¨ stands for. It would be amazing if anyone had succesfully copy the information to the chip.
I have great relationship with my university so it is an option to ask them to directly write the information to the xEM chip.
Thanks! i would really apreciate any help.

sorry for my broke english

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That is a great place to be.

Can you ask them what system they use ( Software )
If you ( or them ) can poke around in the software and see if you can find a list of compatiable cards.

Also, the cards are HID Class GY, I’ll google shortly to confirm, but because it has a “Class” after HID I’m going to GUESS it will be an HF reader / card, so, xEM won’t be compatiable.
is it Class or iClass?

Are the readers also HID? are they marked with GY also.

Purely guessing again, but an xMagic, FlexM1 may be a good candidate, as it is possibly a legacy chip.

Again, see what you can find in the software, it may just need to be enabled.

The FlexClass maybe a likely candidate, but personally I would go for a Mifare Classic, as once you leave Uni, the Mifare will likely be of more use to you in the future.

Just my thoughts, I could be completely wrong

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I wen’t to the HID Global product site and didn’t see any mention of GY…

I have never hear of it before, and may have missed it on the site :man_shrugging:

Do you have a Proxmark3, Flipper or similar?

if not
This may not work anyway, but can you try and scan your HID card with TagInfo

and a photo if possible.

Plus if you have a flashlight, can you shine it behind the card and take a photo of the antenna location.

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Whoops, time to defrag your hard drives :classic_tongue:

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Ha, funny you should say that, as I typed that, I felt a glitch in the Matrix
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Hi! thanks for the help!!
I didn´t see it either on the HID website, my card says “HID iCLASS GY”, the chip is in the top left corner of the card and the antenna is all around the card.
I tried to scan it with TagInfo but nothing seems to happen, i Have an Redmi Note 9 Pro.
I checked the scanners ans they are HID iCLASS SE, they use the R10 and R40 versions.

I really apreciate all the help, i really want to buy myself an implant.


Probably unhelpful guesses:

HID seems to be pretty darn proud of their SE and SEOS credentials, and I would imagine they wouldn’t hide those behind an obscure “GY” tag with no explanation

Regular iClass cards have been seen with different, albeit seemingly more common two letter codes like DL and DP

Which is to say I’m mounting in suspicion of it being a regular iClass instead of one of the fancy ones (That’s a good thing for us)


If you want to be sure it will work with an implant, some fancier digging around will be needed, if you had access to a PM3, flipper, or potentially some other RFID/NFC tool fancier than a smart phone, those could be used to dig a little harder.


My phone won’t interact with my classic iClass credential, but will scan my iClass SEOS credential, so at least to me that seems to point to yours being usable since your phone won’t interact with your card

I unfortunately do not have an iClass SE card to try

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Thanks for the help!!, I dont have and PM3 but i am goin to try purchase one, im from venezuela so it might take a while. Taking in count what you just explain, it might be a LF chip? I can fidget around and ask things about the reader and the card to my university, what should i ask them?
I don´t know much about anything in this topic, but it amazes me. Thanks again for the help!

Now that we’ve seen the antenna, we can be pretty sure it’s an HF card (There’s not a second larger antenna towards the center of the card, is there?)

Unfortunately, knowing that it’s HF doesn’t tell us for sure that it’s usable in the implant world, we still need to figure out exactly which version of HF iClass they’re using

You might try taking a look at some friend’s cards and see if they have the same “GY” or different markings, that could help narrow it down

You certainly could talk to the university people in charge of the readers and see if they know whether they’re using iClass classic, SE, or Seos

When you scan your card, does it beep once, or twice?

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Hi! thanks again for the help,
When I tap the card it does not beep, in the University all HID iCLASS SE readers are hook up to gates, when i tap my card it shows a green light on the reader and then unlocks the gate.
There is no second antenna toward the center or at all.

Just out of curiosity, how do you know it is a HF card/chip only looking at the antenna?
Once again, thanks for the help


Ah dang, sometimes the beeps can give you a bit more information

Here’s a dual frequency card, the larger antenna in the center is LF, the smaller one around the edges is HF:

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I understand, thanks!
Tomorrow i will try to gather much information as possible.

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This MIGHT help

the related implant is this thread is here

I’m wondering if the “GY” is a regional / Language thing

I have no idea, and that’s purely a guess

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