Item received but i may of un sterilised it

first of all i would like to thank you guys for ur great service great item great communication and arrived pretty quick i have 2 questions even though i some what know the answer im asking just to be safe then sorry first question i have is will it be of any problem if the chip sits next to my vein or touches my vein the second question is i opened up the parcel and i took the contents out the sealed plastic pouch it came in have i made it un sterilised i didnt take out the needle out of its pouch or open any of the plasters or gauze’s i just took them out the packet like this and put everything back in the plastic packet and tried as best as i could to seal it back up

Everything is individualy sterilized before it goes in the bag. The polymer bag is for protection, because the permeable paper backing on the sterile items is somewhat fragile. If you wanted to, the piercer can autoclave the chip (removed from injector) and insert with a 10g needle and taper.

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You will want to try to avoid any major blood vessels if at all possible. Sitting next to one is not an issue, but getting it that close means you risk damaging the blood vessel, which could cause serious bleeding and bruising. Best to avoid if at all possible.