Uh, which one is which?

So I got my cyborg transformation kit, and was casually looking at the packages when I noticed they have identical markings, other than one having a tag with a lot #, manufacture date and expiration date. Now I have no idea if I might have mixed them up. It’s there a way to tell which chip is which? The only difference seems to be the boxes they came in. I hope this is a dumb question and the answer is obvious.

Take them out and look at the other side.


Out of the sealed bags? Because the backs of mine are blank. I guess I’ll have to figure it out when I’m ready to use them.

Outside of the boxes are usually marked to

The boxes are marked, but in the process of looking at them I might not have put them back in the same box.

Ahh, you can take them out of the first bag the injectors are in a further bag ( sterile)



So correct me if I am incorrect @Amal, but I believe at one point you said the main point of the outer package is mainly to keep the pouch from being handled too much. Preventing grease spots and such to make it unsterile. I will see if I can find it. So you should be fine to open them to look.

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Found the one I was thinking of. Amal didn’t correct the other guy, so I would assume you would be fine to open them to look. Just don’t rough handle the packaging.

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You guys are too fast haha! Don’t assume silence is tacit confirmation… but yes the poly bag is to extend the sterilization life of the contents inside. Touching the paper backed pouches will automatically begin a process of contamination… the more touching and handling, the more contamination seeps through.

This is a bummer. We usually have markings visible but we are going through some undulations at the moment with kitting…


Hello WDTSF,

I apologize for the mystery, but can attest to the fact that the “unlabeled” implant, is indeed the xNT implant. As you will note from the first image, this manufacturing run of xNTs were not all labeled within the lot pouch. Your xNT implant came from this lot, which has an expiration date of 06/2023, and whose full lot number is: 1830003 and a manufacturing date of 07/2018. All random sample test units, labeled and not labeled from this lot, passed performance and sterility inspections. The 2nd image is the front of the lot pouch demonstrating it is an xNT.

When preparing the Cyborg kits, we gave some thought to these “naked” xNT units, and decided to not risk compromising the individual units with a superficial label added during quality assurance inspection.

We decided to allow the xEM, in the Cyborg transformation kit to represent the manufacturing and expiration date for both the xNT & xEM units. We made this decision since the manufacturing date and expiration date are identical for the xEM & xNT in the Cyborg kit, you’ll note this on your xEM, lot number: 1830002. The lot number is not terribly useful to our customers but we have this information stored as part of your purchase file.

If you are uncomfortable with the xNT not having a label of its own, I can send you a replacement. Just let me know :slight_smile:

We are also “relaxing” our linear thinking, which has focused on avoiding compromising the implant sleeve :blush:, and will be placing a label on the exterior poly bag to be very clear as to what implant can be counted on inside.

My best,



Fair. Will be mindful about this in the future.


Thanks, I’m all good here, was just curious!