I've got a Product idea

Don’t know if anyone else would be interested, but I think it would be cool to have an implant with two leds, a HF on one side and a LF on the other then we would have a built in field detector.

It’s a great idea. It can be done just by putting each one 5mm + apart. It’s been discussed a few times, this is the last time I saw Amal mention it

Mate that is a great Idea, as @leumas95 said, it has been suggested a few times.

In theory it sounds easy as, I thought the same thing.
I mean it’s basically a Next with Chips swapped for LEDS, right ?!
Unfortunately not, hiwever, Rest assured, Amal has had the same idea, considered it and investigated it.
There are many hurdles than expected, as Amal explained below.

Not what we want to hear, but understandable.

So, It is, what it is, unfortunately but I’m happy knowing there will be something else Interesting currently in the works and will show up in due course

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No but I can understand and can’t really complain. I was trying to find info on how they are made and couldn’t find much. Just out of curiosity would it be possible to make something like a pill capsule that slides together and then seal the middle?

I keep coming back around to this idea from time to time… it’s not a lost cause, just very far down the priority chain.

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