Jablotron compatibility with xEM 125kHz

At home, my door is connected with my Jablotron alarm system to open it with a outdoor access module with RFID and keypad (https://www.jablotron.com/en/produkt/bus-outdoor-access-module-with-rfid-and-keypad-317/).
I have a corresponding RFID 125kHz leather tag (https://www.jablotron.com/en/produkt/rfid-leather-tag-black-490/) with an unique “jablotron code” which has a numerical form like xxxx-xx-xxxx-xxxx. With this tag I can open my door. The module gives a beep when I press the tag against it.

I wanted a chip implant and ordered myself de xEM 125kHz tag. Since I’m a little worried it wouldn’t work, i also ordered me de Cloner with corresponding tags and the Dangerous Thing Diagnostic Card.

When I’m pressing the Diagnostic Card against the outdoor module: nothing happens.
When I’m pressing the Cloner against my Leather Jablotron Tag: nothing happens.
When I’m pressing the Cloner against the corresponding tags which were delivered by the cloner: the cloner beeps.
When I’m pressing the corresponding tags against de outdoor module: nothing happens.

I was planning to just copy the info on the leather tag to the chip once it was implanted in my hand (because in the needle there is to much interference), but since the cloner doesn’t read the leather jablotron tag, I don’t think it is going to work.

I’m a little bit confused because the jablotron manual states it neads a 125kHz rfid tag (RFID card: Jablotron PC-01 or PC-02 (EM UNIQUE 125 kHz)).
Since the Diagnostic Card isn’t working with the module, i’m afraid it uses some kind of other standard of frequency than the stated 125kHz

Is it just that it’s not compatibel, or should I reprogram the tag with some kind of writer.
Is there any solution?
So far I didn’t implanted the tag, I want to be sure first.

Can someone help me with this issue?

thanks in advance !!

It’s a very good chance that the “PC-02” is just EM which is what the xEM can emulate, but your leather tag is “PC-01” and it’s something else… maybe indala? maybe something else. You may have an easier time just trying to add your xEM to the system without attempting a clone.

The diag card works well with many readers but some have antenna designs that do not allow enough power to light the LED on the card. You might try the xLED-LF which is a 125khz tuned LED diag tool that is meant to tell you not frequency, but if the antenna of the reader will work will with the glass cylinder shape of our x-series tags.

Dear Amal,
Thanks for your response.

I removed the chip from the needle and tried to read it with my jablotron module, but it won’t recognize it (no beep or whatsoever). I also copied the info on the chip to another tag (since i have the copier with tags now), but it won’t recognize them at all… Also a “blank” tag isn’t recognized (no beep).

So I guess the xEM is not compatible with the Jablotron system.
I’m going to try to ask them if they have any clue.

Maybe I have to try another kind of chip (maybe a tag the vet uses to chip cats and dogs).

According to their documentation, EM tags are compatible, but it may require either a new reader or software configuration change to enable EM compatibility. Another possibility is that the reader is configured to not respond (no beep) to tags not programmed into the system.

problem solved: jablotron let me know that my installer needed to activate the compatibility of the 125khz tags in my system. He did so and now it works. Hope this is needful for other jablotron owners.

Thanks a lot.

Excellent! Nice job, and thanks for posting an update!