Joined the club last night

Ordered the blue XSIID bundle on Tuesday, the package got here Friday and my piercer implanted me last night. The XSIID at L0 and the xEM at R0. Install was quick and didn’t hurt as bad as I expected. Can’t wait to play around with the chips with a proxmark.

I work in adversary simulation and red teaming and I absolutely plan to use the xEM implant to clone some badges on my next physical assessment.

Bought the NFC Tools app and wrote my business card to the XSIID.

Loving it so far, only issue I’m having is a signature issue with the device and it recognizing the smart card reader in the proxmark via the proxmark CLI, but I’m sure I’ll figure that out eventually with the help of old forum threads.




Stupid question, but there isn’t a limit to the number of times you can write to an NFC tag is there? Suddenly NFC Tools is telling me the tag isn’t supported and is invalid :frowning:

Wait two weeks.

You had a minor trauma to part of your body. Your body is now healing so you have some swelling, blood pooling, and so on. This makes it harder to read your implant.


You can use the xSIID to identify if readers on site are HF if it lights up or by deduction LF if it does not.
( Just be aware, by doing this, you will leave a breadcrumb / signature that an unauthorised pass has attempted to gain access ( If it is an HF reader )

I would reccomend an xM1 to go alongside your xEM for HF cloning
Or better yet a FlexM1 for improved read range.

The reason for xM1 or FlexM1 is how common it is used in access systems

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Technically yes, but it’s a ton, like number of times you can rewrite a usb flash drive

People sometimes Bork something on it rather than use up all the writes, 99.5% of the time they can be unborked… just might be a head scratcher

Give it some time for swelling to go down, the swelling can cause a lot of communication issues

Just to add to the swelling/healing part, I had no visible signs of swelling that I noticed with my installs, but there was enough to cause problems with read/write for the first week or two.


Cool, you must share it when you did it!

Practically no, unless you write to it every 30 minutes every day or so.
Amal has some more details e.g. here:

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Thanks for the input everyone. I’ll give it a week or 2 before I start playing with it more.

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