JTAGulator Board

Hello all!

I’ve been away, doing stupid shit in crypto-land.

However, I am currently having a PCB house build some JTAGulator-esque boards (as the official project does not contain a pick-and-place file or a BOM that a PCB house can use, I had to re-implement the schematics, but otherwise they’re compatible). Once the board is finalised, I will post them up publicly. It’s a hardware hacking device that, among other things, can find JTAG ports across 24 pins/channels. I’m not a PCB designer by any means, but I think I got it right.

As those who have used PCB houses know, setup costs are relatively fixed across a run. I’m looking for anyone possibly interested in ordering these for cost price before i make my final component orders. I can have 5 made, and I obviously would like 1 for myself, and the cost for 5 boards made and built is about $300USD. Shipping from the board house is not included, but the estimates are going to be $60USD each plus shipping to buyers. I don’t need anything firm, just an expression of interest to see if it’s worth me getting additional chips and having more made. As official JTAGulators are now a discontinued item, and they go for about $200USD each, and more with Australia Tax ($445aud for one from a local supplier), this should be a bit of a saving even with international post.

The only difference mainly is that the boards don’t have Bus Pirate headers vs a real JTAGulator. They have all the other hardware a “real” one has, and I will test and program them before send-out.


Long time no see.

looks like a great little project.

do you have a working prototype?

It might be worth setting up a survey

Heres a template if you want one but dont know how

`[poll type=regular results=always public=true chartType=bar]

JTAGulator Board

  • I 100% want one
  • I’m pretty interested
  • Tell me more

Just copy and paste into your post and delete the ` at the start and end

obviously, add/delete, change the questions to whatever you want

Hey fragger. Hope crypto land has been gumdroppy. If you want a second set of eyes on the board before you order, feel free to hit me up.

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Honestly, I’m not really intending on making many - it’s just intended as a way to share the manufacturing cost as it uses a fair few parts that they charge to put on the pick and place machines.

This run is to get the board built, so no prototype. However, it’s a direct re-implementation of the official JTAGulator’s schematics.

I’d immediately thought of you for checking it over, I’ll send it through once I work out how to export in the program I’m using.