Just a hypothetical

What would happen if something like a solar flare affected the earth, wouldn’t that cause the coil in the chip to over heat ?

Not likely… your skin and salty tissue will have something to say about it first off… and second the chip is able to hold up against powerful EMP pulses that physically launch it into the air… check Tests we've performed on our x-series tags - FAQs - Dangerous Things Forum

So the chip and coil would be unaffected by something comparable to the Carrington event?

Well I don’t claim to fully understand the entire universe and all the physics within it, I can postulate that the reason telegraph lines and other long stretches of copper wire were affected is that they were acting like huge antennas with massive amounts of surface area with which to induct current from the charged particles steaming through them. The copper surface area within the chip is, well, not that big.


Having looked up the Carrington Event, it was the largest solar storm directed at earth that has ever been recorded. But while telegraph systems seem to have been affected (really long wires) and the 1989 event impacted the power grid in Canada, neither of them are reported as having impacted people wearing gold or silver jewelry, or pocket watches, or…

I think you should be safe enough… I have no actual proof but I suspect that an event that will damage the chip is not likely to do you any good either.


There, FTFY.

A big solar flare is like the Big One in California: everybody knows it’s just a matter of time, but everybody gleefully ignores it and we keep building infrastructure upon infrastructure without which our modern way of living just doesn’t work, until it happens and the world is properly thrown into long-lasting chaos overnight.

What will happen to your chips? nothing. You’ll just revert to a normal human being because the power will be out. But that’ll be the least of your problems.

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if a carrington event happened wed have bigger problems than chips not working, more notably everything on earth breaking


I’d just rather the coil in the chip not heat up within my hand and not being able to do anything about it, might be me being paranoid

Yes its you being paranoid if a Carrington event happened much more to work about than the possibility of maybe having a few small burns.

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