Just checking in aka. HOW THE FUCK ARE YA?

Git bizy boi

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Fine, Germany.
Thx for asking.

Idk what to say here lol


Nothing more needed, just making sure you were still around, You have been conspicuous in your absence

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G’day @Pilgrimsmaster!

Been a long time since I’ve logged in for sure!

The world opened up and my RFID playing time disappeared, and started with a new company that’s kept me occupied enough to stay off forums!

I really should pop in here more often, hope you’re going great!


Hi! I’m fairly new here, but I want to be one of the regular Cyborgs!
My first two implants are in the mail and my installer is ready! I’m excited to be part of this community. Other than cyborg stuff, life is pretty weird, to be honest. All kinds of changes happening, some really good, some really hard. There doesn’t seem to be any in-between right now.
Thank you for asking.
How the fuck are YOU, @Pilgrimsmaster ? :slight_smile: :robot:


Any questions, just ask…

in the meantime I’ll get a welcome gif ready

I hope it all smoothes out for you

Always good mate, thanks for asking


@greydoc, How the fuck are ya?!
Have you cloned an alien yet??
:alien: :sheep: :sheep: :alien:


Its been a while…10 months in fact

How the fuck are ya?

Oh you know, forever trying to outrun an onset midlife / existential crisis. But other than that business as usual I suppose, thanks for asking :grin:.

How are things going in your world?


haha, so nothing much then?

How has the “Tesla” hand gone?
Yesterdays news, or is it still being talked about?
No more talk shows? pod casts?
Elon hasn’t offered you a free cyber truck?

Same old same old

Well Tesla hand still remains a great conversation starter. I get a lot of “oh you’re that guy?” remarks. Then I ask if they wanna see where I installed my wifi antenna and that’s usually when they call the cops. I still get YouTube comments on the video every week calling me the antichrist which is pretty cool.

I’m waiting for Amal to release more cool shit to install so I can get us on Jerry Springer, or one of those Maury Povich paternity reveal shows.

I just cancelled my cybertruck reservation I placed a few years back after I saw the thing couldn’t even drive in the snow. Ordered the refreshed model 3 that just came out, which also can’t drive in the snow, but it was a good price.


Glad you’re still around.
Is ya’ Mrs fully healed?
Hows the grandkid?
How are your rescues (animals)?
Have you got a replacement jeep yet?
and of course
How the fuck are ya?


My wife is just about fully physically healed. Mentally, it’s going to take a while.

We have a replacement red jeep with various upgrades to it.

I am still working at the second company I went to after I was let go. It’s busy.

We have lost a couple of dogs in the last year. They were all at least 10.

I really need to hang around here more. My job has two RFID cards, unfortunately one of them is high security and can’t be copied. The other one could be copied (it is for the secondary data centre) but needs my fingerprint as well, and I have used each one precisely once in the 18 months I’ve worked here.


This is so funny because it makes it look like he’s posting questions and then answering them himself…


@Eriequiet you have been eriely quiet, How the fuck are you?


The horrors persist but so do I,
All out of fucks and patience for bullshit and drama


good outlook, so I hope you are happy then

Never said that
Walking away from people sucks

Not if they are a negative influence on your life.

You are always welcome here, and have been conspicuous in your absense


Good to see you (@Eriequiet), @mrln and @DonFire back and posing again