Just checking in aka. HOW THE FUCK ARE YA?

I just thought I would try this thread out.
It will likely fall by the wayside, and could easily just fall into the anti-detailment thread.

People come and go from the forum, sometimes just the occasional visit to say something or reply. Sometimes just lurking and playing catch up.

Anyway I’m sure Im not the only one that wonders how these fellow cyborgs are going, what they are up to, or just that they are safe and well.

I have a whole bunch of people I was wondering about, i thought I would start this off with limiting myself with 5, and in no particular order or particular reason


How the fuck are ya?
How are you and the wife after the crash?


How the fuck are ya?
Any new body mods? scarification designs?
Also miss your insightful observations


How the fuck are ya?
A bunch to ask, but how did you go with the sentero?

How the fuck are ya?
Im not expecting a reply, but just know I miss your awesome projects you shared with us all


How the fuck are ya?
Thanks again for the LF antenna, any more projects on the horizon?

How the fuck are ya?
How was prison, any stories to tell?
Personally I think your nanny state fucked you on your prosecution…


How the fuck are ya?
How are your xGLOs going

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How the fuck are ya?
Whats your most recent implant? whats your total?


How the fuck are ya?
How was your move? hows the bike? Anymore blinkies and tattoos?

How the fuck are ya?
Hows the “new” job? going well? I know its not new anymore.
Also thanks for the Biocom App, I still use it and like it.
Anymore apps from you we should keep an eye out for?

How the fuck are ya?
What’s your implant count up to now?
Any recent convention talks?

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How the fuck are ya?
Good to see you pop back now and then, also I really loved one of your recent posts, It was very refreshing, If I could have given more :heart: I would

How the fuck are ya?
You know what I am going to ask you…

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How the fuck are ya?
How are your @PaulT implants going?
Have you finally settled on a nail polish colour, or are you pomemoning it , and gotta catch them all?

Okay, I dont know how to count to 5, but its a big list…
Ok Im stopping now
if you aren’t on the list above, just know I probably had you in the queue…names are just bouncing around in my head…mitch blue, vamp…ok stopping now, Im giving other people a chance to jump in and check in…The dingo brothers…ok actually stopping BUT also some I want to know how they are going, but also dont want to ping either of them (you know who I am taking about)


TL;DR: Exhausted :melting_face:

:point_right::point_left: Sentero…
The situation is quite similar to what happened to the North Sense. A few visually impaired people got some products a long while ago, but the bankruptcy of the project was announced recently.

Somebody else has to finish it for Liviu. I’m not surprised, yet a bit disappointed.
Vast majority of the updates were
anyway, so the future could be predicted.

:person_shrugging: Someone might throw a :ring_buoy: for this project, but I declare it hybernated.

Other than that: new job, nothing exciting, last year of uni… even less exciting and I still have a handful of chips and magnets waiting for installation :sunglasses:


Yay, I’m trash!
Thanks for skipping me.


You were here like 4 days ago lol :joy:

But since you asked….

HOW THE FUCK are you?

Any uv or even Glow in the dark tattoo shenanigans?


I’m always here :slight_smile:

But thanks! I’m ok, unemployed since April so no tattoos.

Here is my wife’s Christmas Village I put together and my fancied up “Lucille”