Just did my first own imlant. Help?


I’ve just put my first implant in and I’m not sure if it’s turned out good or not. The implant sits just to the left of the bump between my index and thumb. It’s just barely visible (it’s an xEM). It doesn’t sit on top of my index finger bone but just to the right of it. I don’t know if I fugged up or not.

(The long line is the index finger bone and the line on the right is where the implant was planned to sit. The implant landed just over to the left of the planned marking.

thank you.

I can’t grab it while it’s under the skin so I think I might have put it under the fascia I’m not sure if I actually have.

I of course knew the risks going into this lol.

Yeah I think it’s under the fascia. When I try pull it up to the surface, I can feel another layer under the skin releasing and the implant goes with it. Do I need to get it removed?

Are you able to scan it?
What were you planning to do with it?

I cant tell where you actually put it

I can’t scan it lol, I’m going to go get it removed now. It shifts about quite a bit. I’ll need to go get it done by someone instead. Failed first attempt.

I don’t think that was the conclusion they were trying to lead you too

I’d give it a little while, let swelling go down and let the implant settle. There’s a good chance it’s totally fine and completely useable. It would help if you could send some pictures after you take the bandage off, especially if you could mark the implant location with a pen/marker to give us a good idea of where it is

It’s not going to get any harder to remove, why jump the gun and take it out before giving it a chance?


Im pretty sure it’s under the fascia. So I think it won’t work. Even if it’s swollen

Even still, what’s the harm in leaving it a bit? Potentially save a bit of pain.

It’s not uncommon for implants to not scan for up to about a week post install due to swelling, I have yet to hear of one not scanning from being to deep though…

Ahh wait, I’ve just tried it and it works. Consistency is good. Another question is, is the pm3s read range weaker than that of a conventional rfid scanner?

Is it safe being under the fascia?


I’m glad it’s working lol

I don’t own one, but I’ve heard it’s not a particularly strong reader. I imagine it’s about average for what you may find day-to-day though. Hopefully someone with hands-on experience will add their opinion soon

I think it’s alright so long as it isn’t down in the muscle, but I’m nowhere near an expert, so let’s hope for some better advice there too.
It’ll take a little while to settle down and find it’s permanent home either way though, so don’t be too worried if you can move it around. You may even consider corralling it into a preferable location

I think here

So, you are the dark blue in this pic, and I am the teal.

Looking at this pic, I think you would be alright if that is where it sits. As long as it still works for you, you are good. Stop worrying.

The teal is an example of where I am pretty sure one of my implants sit, that my wife installed. It’s deep I’m my forearm. Like, I’m a fan of selfie everything, and I would remove all other 5 implants by myself, but not this one. It’s deep, I don’t scan it, so why take it out?

It would be down in your muscle I feel like if you went too deep in that location.


Thanks for the reassurance. Yeah it works fine it’s a bit swollen. Another question is, is it normal when using the pm3 that you have to literally get the tag dead on the coil or else it won’t read it? Will it be the same with normal readers?


I don’t have a pm3 but glassies tend to have a short range. However, the range also depends on the reader. Also, swelling will decrease the range during the first few weeks.

So yes, it’s normal.


I feel like mine is like that too it’s very close to my index finger bone but it’s not deep as you can see.


Pretty much.
The best reads come with a perpendicular placement over the antenna.

Check out this post, it should answer a few questions and give you a couple of reference pics and suggestions when it comes time to use it

And also yes, the range on the PM3 is not great, but still enough for what we need.

Often, readers in the wild are “better” than the PM3, but not always.

You may or may not have gone deeper than reccomended, but if it is reading, not causing pain or discomfort, “she’ll be right mate”, as @Aoxhwjfoavdlhsvfpzha said, just leave it for now, at least until you have a reason to remove it.

Yes that’s all good. I cloned and ioProx card to it and it seems to work great, going to try it out for real tomorrow. And as for the pain, is it normal for it to be a little sore in the area the tag is sat in? I mean it’s been a few hours since install so I would imagine it would need a few days to heal before the pain goes away? As for discomfort, I can’t feel it at all which is good. Only when I touch it does it feel a bit sore but it feels like a little cut.

I think I’m in the clear, tag works great and I can’t feel it. I’ll give it a few days/weeks and I’ll see how it’s doing then.

Totally, You have had a small trauma.
Its a wound and most of the damage is under the skin, but still a wound…

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This is why you think that the chip is too deep… It should become more visible as the swelling decreases. This could take from a few days to a few weeks.

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Very happy with the implant. Healing very nicely, still a tiny bit of pain but overall looks good. It’s turned into a greenish bruise which is a good sign on my body and feels literally no different from a bruise. Placement is a bit off as previously explained, it is quite close to my index finger bone and when I do a fist, it sort of sits on top of the bone, but obviously that’s with layers of skin in between. Hasn’t caused any issues as of yet.

Works super well at the reader at work, I don’t even need to push the tag to the surface. It’s also caused a lot of people to become interested, and potentially wanting one too.

If anything like the walletmor is going to come out (as I live in the UK and they have removed support for the UK) , I’ll definitely be getting that in my other hand.

(I can also move the implant back and forth a tiny bit, I’m not sure if that’s normal?)

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