Just gotta say it!

I just gotta say it! I got the xNT implant a couple weeks ago, did a self implant in the forefinger thumb webbing of my left hand…easypeasy! 10 minutes later I was in love! Now I find every excuse possible to use it.My current favorite is as an easy business card. My clients hold out their phones and boom! They got everything they need! Loved it so much I was immediately back on the site figuring out what I was gonna do next! Loved the idea of sensing magnetic fields so chose the xG3. Ordered it last week, I was tracking the package cause I was so excited and noticed it got hung up in the shipping process. Contacted the good folks here at Dangerous Things and not only did they respond immediately, they found it and put a rush order on it with no extra cost to me!!! It got here today and I just finished the self implant in my ring finger! With no problems at all!!! I hate sounding like a highschool girl with a crush but… I freaking love this company!!!




Welcome to our world, We have all experienced this with this company.
There are a few other post and threads, but here’s one that reiterates your experience

Just as a heads up, the xG3 is a lifting magnet, however some people have had some success as a sensing magnet, so just adjust your expectations accordingly


Thank you for the welcome! And the heads up! I’m trying not to get my expectations up too high, but even driving all my e.m.f. detectors crazy(and my banjo catfish) for the past couple hours has been a blast! I obviously can’t feel anything but the beat of my own heart in my fingertip right now, but I’m hoping with lots of different experiments and practice I’ll be able to train my brain to pick up subtle changes. And even if not, picking stuff up and amazing my friends will still feel abit like a super power!:smile:


The business card stuff doesn’t work natively on iOS, correct? I was thinking of using the HF side of my NeXT as a business card but I don’t think most people (iOS users) would want to download an app to get someone’s business info.

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I don’t know, some of my clients don’t get my “NFC Tools” writes, but they seem to get my “NXP” writes no problem. I’m still too dumb to know why, but learning more each day!

this is correct as far as I know. IOS reads NFC differently, if I remember right, in order for it to work natively, it has to support UFI. The vivokeys support it.


I can confirm, it’s a mighty fine MRI scanner detector.



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tenor (6)

How was the install? Any pics?

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welcome friend! now a cyborg in reality :}

An xg3 in the ring finger? I’m interested to see a picture!

It shouldn’t be too bad for sensing. I have one in the webing and it still works with strong fields so in the finger it should be just fine :wink:


I must not order an xG3, I must not order an xG3, I must not order an xG3…

But seriously, i must not order one. I don’t NEED one in my ring finger.

Edit. I want one though. Maybe I can sweet talk Amal into an extra needle for the spark og so I can get that in also. I was planning on ordering something so I can reuse the injection device. I just think the xg3 is likely overkill. If they ever go on sale, I would buy one no question.


Do you like the xG3? :magnet:
Do you like it, between you and me? :zipper_mouth_face:
You should get one if it’s free :no_entry_sign:
You could get one for a fee .:moneybag:

Would you like it here or there? :syringe:
You could lift things over there :magnet:
You could lift things anywhere :magnet:
Do you like the xG3? :magnet:
Do you like it, between you and me? :zipper_mouth_face:

Would you like it in your finger? :crossed_fingers:
Don’t hang around, do not linger :clock11:
You could get one for your Spark image
But don’t install it in the dark :night_with_stars:


Do you like the xG3? :magnet:
Do you like it, between you and me? :zipper_mouth_face:
I must not order an xG3 :magnet:
I must not order; one for me :package:

Damn it Amal, if you must insist :man_judge:
Damn it Amal, I tried to resist :raised_hand:
Why with my arm, you must not twist :muscle:
I shake mine at you with my fist :fist:

Send me one right away :postbox:
Send me one without delay :incoming_envelope:
Send me one within a needle :syringe:
Denying you was so feeble :tired_face:

Do you like the xG3? :magnet:
Do you like it, between you and me? :zipper_mouth_face:
Yes I do, it’s going to ship :incoming_envelope:
Soon I’ll lift things, without a grip :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
Showing people my party trick :partying_face:


the puncture is right towards the tip. This is day 2 and there is still a fair amount of swelling but Im happy with the placement. Pain level made me gasp, but I’ve been shot before so pain is all relative😉

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Been stabbed. Never shot. Still hurt.

Thank goodness for lidocaine



:joy:, I’d prefer boring! My idiotic tale consisted of a drunk on a camping trip who found the keys to a friends trigger lock. Not exactly the thrilling stuff movies are made from!


I also would prefer boring. Mine happened in the middle of Afghanistan. So it is the stuff movies are made of.


Yeah you do. Geeze

This is peak @Pilgrimsmaster :clap:t4: :clap:t4: :clap:t4: