Just recieved my chips! Few questions

Hello everyone! I am excited to join the crew in becoming a cyborg! I just recieved my blue xSIID and xEM. Im thinking xSIID L0 and xEM R1 then ill put a xled in the R0 when red is back in stock.

I have been watching a ton of install videos and it seems most people dont find it that bad. I have a few other piercings so im hoping ill be prepared for it all. I was curious if 1 is worse than 0 and also if its a safe spot. Doesnt seem as squishy as 0 and i definitely dont want it on blade side.

Last thing i swear! :stuck_out_tongue: While watching some unboxings of the chips; most people made it clear that once the box is open (not the plastic sleeve everything is in) that everything is now not sterile despite it being sealed in bag.I was hoping someone could chime in here as I would like to open the box to get the field detector and the diagnostic card.

I appreciate any and all insight.

I have stuff in both 0 and 1 positions and didn’t really notice a difference in the installs. After the install the x series implant in L0 moved around a lot more than any of my others. Could just be my skin there, but is something to keep in mind if you’re really picky about where, exactly, it ends up.

I’m sure someone who knows way more about this stuff than I do will chime in soon but my understanding is this. As long as you don’t handle the sealed pouch too much you should be fine. You can open the box and get the field detectors and diagnostic card without risking the sterility of the implants.

ETA: Welcome abord! Or should I say, Welcome A-Borg!! I’ll show myself out.


Thanks so much for the info. I know everyone is different but it is nice to hear that 1 and 0 are pratically the same. From reading post over the past couple of days i did notice people mentioning migrating and how it could lead to removal if it moves too much. Is this correct? Kinda worrisome.

I went through a few article where amal chimed in. Essentially if you dont over handle the bag the contents should be fine. Since the chip pack is on the bottom i just grabbed whatever was on top and tried to avoid any contact with the bag.

My next step is to locate a place t have it done. I saw someone mention pineapple in Texas. I’ll have to look into him. Has anyone heard of cooper? Saw him do an implant in a youtube video and it looked SO smooth and fast. Would love to go to that guy haha.

I have no skin in the game either way, :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: but I have heard nothing but good things about Pineapple.

People are always looking for good installers, so if you track him down, please make sure you share the experience.

See post below

Doug “cooper lee” Copeland has had a hard time the last few years… but… his decision to simply break communication completely with me and Dangerous Things has sadly lead to this…


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He sounds like a Piece of shit…but since you are being a grown up about it.
I will refrain from making that statement.

Instead I will leave this here for him if he ever reads it.



He’s generally a good guy and I would like to believe he was too embarrassed to come talk to me when things started falling apart for him… but theft is theft.

Okay then!

I’ll leave this instead


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Sadly I knew a guy who kinda imploded in a similar way, had one of the most popular and vetted holster companies by the most legit people in the shooting community… swat, feds, spooks etc

Got behind, ghosted everyone, got further behind ghosted everyone, etc

I often wondered if he’s still kicking, or fled the country and changed his name… can’t find a trace of the dude

The kicker is most of these people were already willing to wait months for quality stuff, if he had simply come clean that he was swamped and it was going to take a while… most would have been chill…

The take away, is never ghost… always communicate


Haha, sorry for the derail OP…
Thats what we do here…

Welcome to the madness



How many of these excommunicated are there?

Yeah, i ordered a CC Appendix holster knowing i had a month wait. Worth it. (Blackarch Entrada)

Pineapple is great. He’s done a fantastic job with all of my implants. If you have any questions about his process I’m more than happy to answer them!


Thank you e very one who chimed in. It is sad to hear that cooper has ghosted the community.

I will be contacting Pineapple in the coming days to arrange a day for the installs. I’m so excited!…and scared lmfao. It looks brutal. No idea how people manage flex implants. I want one for the convenience of range but scalpel implants make me turn inside out haha.

You can get flex implants with a needle. But, honestly, with the size of that needle it’s practically a sword.

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Hnnnngggghhhh. Some people are so brave :rofl:

It’s only a bit worse than the regular needle, it just looks super intimidating, it’s really not bad
20-30 seconds and your done with the bad part

You won’t feel much under your skin due to nerves etc, so you’ll just feel more of a fight to get it to break thru


Can anyone chime in for how long one should wait before messing with the chip after install?

Am I able to instantly start programming and scanning or should I wait until it’s completely healed to do all of that?

You should wait roughly 2 weeks. Even though there might not be visible signs of swelling, there still might be a build up of fluid that’ll make writing to it risky.


Sounds good! Thanks so much everyone!