Just recieved my chips! Few questions

Scanning shouldn’t hurt the chip in anyway,

But the thing to be careful if, is poking and prodding the fresh install site… that will only make the swelling last longer and could lead to it migrating if irritated or bumped enough

Writing should be avoided until you are able to read it reliably… trying to write something, with a spotty couple to the chip can tear the data your trying to write and leave the chip in all kinds of goofy states

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Alright atleast I can set a pc pin code with the KBR haha.

Think I’m definitely just going to take it as slow as possible.

I do have a few piercings so I sort of understand the healing process. These seem like a huge leap from lip and tongue piercings though.

Any recommended healing routines or products?

Everyone’s going to vary and have different responses… but

Typically what I do is

Grab a some fast food about 30-60 minutes before hand, so I’m properly caffeinated and food in your stomach can help reduce vasovagal reaction

I also usually pop a dose of Tylenol 20 minutes before, I’ve read a few interesting articles that even basic OTC meds can help reduce pain if taken ahead of time, along with some interesting psychological effects…. Probably just placebo effect at best though :man_shrugging:t2:


Head home, (I’m super lucky my installer is like 3 miles away)

I prop my hand up on the back of the couch nice and high usually with an ice pack

Leave it up there the rest of the day, icing on and off for any pain or swelling

I usually go way above and beyond, some people just get the stab, put a bandaid on and go about life

I just take it easy and focus on reducing swelling the first day

Solid advice and way more helpful than just a bandaid (not that this doesn’t work for some). I’m just trying to make sure I’ve rounded up all the information before hand. It’s going to be about a 5 hour drive for me which sucks but luckily I’ll have help on the way back. I don’t normally take otc meds much at all. I tend to wait things out so I’m hoping due to my lack of taking them I’ll have a good reaction for what’s ahead, placebo or not lol I’ll take it.

Learned vasovagal today, NEAT.

I’m usually more on the lax side than what @Eriequiet described. With my xSeries implants I put a bandaid on and kept it elevated that evening but the next day pretty much went back to normal. The FlexClass I was a little more careful with. I made sure not to bump it and I kept a bandage on for a week. The Apex Mega I was pretty worried about. I really wanted to get stitches but because of local laws my installer wouldn’t do them so I had butterfly closures and a tegaderm patch. I kept those on for three weeks because I really wanted to minimize scarring. Well, not those exact ones. I changed the bandages as needed.

It’s good you’ll have help on the way back. My installer is about 40 minutes away but I have my wife take me (I bribe her with food). I deal with the installs pretty well but still feel a little “swimmy” afterwards and wouldn’t want to drive like that.


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In contrast and not a good example. I did my x-series in the normal locations at a party. After my btx in my arm I had a taser knife fight, and after my apex in my left hand I drove straight to the local arcade bar and ended up bleeding on an arcade cab threw the bandage. Never got an infection! Just bandaids and a clean close and you’ll be fine. But again, not an good example!

It’s worth noting, that I typically do a bunch of implants at one time… think I did 6 xseries at the same time for my last install… so my entire hand was a bit more sore than “normal”

We are hackers after all, step one is learning the rules, and step two is breaking them rules as carefully or wildly as you can :man_shrugging:t2::sweat_smile::joy:


As mentioned, The custom needle is a very good alternative to the scalpel;
And it REALLY is very similar to a AVID microchip needle :syringe: install.
Really Really similar.

SUBJECTIVELY “honest”, @The13Beast you are a giant of a man, the custom needle is more like a sewing needle in your hand.

Visually yes, but penetration wise, If I had my eyes closed, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

This is the same thing I tell my Mrs in the bedroom

Not a suggestion, merely another example so you get the full gamut

  • I do VERY little ( one could say, the bare minimum )
  • No pain meds or numbing agents
  • I don’t care if I eat or drink prior to install
  • xSeries :next: , I’ll put a plaster :adhesive_bandage: on it for ~2 - 3 hours
  • Flex :flex: I’ll put a plaster :adhesive_bandage: on it overnight

That is it.

Not a great example, and I strongly suggest you follow the other advice above, especially for your first one so you know how you react.

I also reccomend lube because it is easier on you and easier on the installer.
The alcohol prep dries the skin and makes the penetration more difficult.
The lube really helps :sweat_drops:

I would suggest you get yourself a Flex and take that along with you, and if the mood strikes you, Get that done at the same time.

Update this thread when it’s done so we can officially welcome you, and tell us how it went

This again :point_up: Very accurate

I always recommend lube, it’s better for everyone :wink:

My last was:
3 removed ( 2 for relocating )
5 installed ( 3 x xSeries 2 x Flex )

I had another Flex and xSeries to go in, But I am still working on my Flex project (FlexDF2) and I am going to put an xEM alongside it during the same session, the Flex will need to go in first and the xSeries location will be determined on the final location of the Flex.
If I had finished my FlexDF2 project in time, I would have done those 2 during the same session as the previous ones mentioned above.

You all are a helpful bunch! I can say I wasn’t expecting this much activity on this haha. For what it’s worth you all made my day, I truly appreciate you all chiming in with different perspectives. I may have to look into flex option in the near future…after I buy some big boy panties :rofl:.

For now I’m going to see how the xEM and xSIID go and I’ll report back.

What kind of lube, like vaseline? Definitely let me know about this one haha sounds like something I’ll want to bring along.

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Never Vasoline… :-1:
I’m a fan of Sil… wait you mean for the needle?

Any reputable body piercer will probably have their own stash. Needs to be sterile so don’t worry about bringing your own to that party, unless they aren’t stocked

The flex needle does come with its own little packet because it’s pretty required for that

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Alright I’m definitely set now. I’ll report back after install.

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Hi again :stuck_out_tongue:
Currently waiting on a response from Pineapple!
Says he’s doing walk ins but I asked just to be sure.
Getting closer and closer. Insanely excited!

I did run into some new info that seems scary. Maybe someone could clear it up for me?

So I was looking at reader/writers as the first thing I want to do is use my chip as a work fob(cool party trick lol). However, some people were saying the blue cloners sometimes put passwords on the chip or that they can brick the chip.

If your chip gets bricked is it just fucked? Could proxmark fix it? I ended up ordering a proxmark as the reader/writer but it looks pretty intimidating to navigate and use compared to a simple one or two button press.

Ok sooooo

Firstly, the blue cloner are very cheap… but they are a pain in a lot of ways and only work for very few modes of LF

If you can swing the 160ish for a flipper zero, (currently shipping here and there… as fast as they can make them)

You will have an infinitely smoother experience,
(It’s funny because I was super skeptical and critical before I got my hands on one that it would work… and now I’m like an evangelist for it)
Not saying you have to… but I could teach a kid to clone with a flipper in 5 minutes….

The next lowest price is the proxmark 3 easy
Can do all kinds of stuff, waay more than the flipper, but the antennas are SUPER finicky… it can take 3-5 minutes of playing just to find the right spot to get it to read write

Also the learning curve is… as I think @Pilgrimsmaster said… near vertical lol

A year in and I’m still trying to make sense of some aspects of it a year or 2 later

The blue cloner, USUALLY does put a password on chips… I don’t think we’ve seen one that doesn’t?
Usually it’s always the exact same password that I don’t have currently… pilgrim will likely post it 2.7 seconds after I post this (if he hasn’t already beaten me)

Can it Brick? Possibly… usually what happens though is while in the middle of writing, it looses connection briefly resulting in only chunks of data being written…

Usually they doesn’t brick it, but it leaves it kinda Swiss cheese data wise…. It’s not broken, but it doesn’t communicate properly now….

There’s a way that a lot of people have been able to put the pieces back together and get it talking correctly again… it’s floating around here

But that process, and removing passwords, will both require a proxmark… so I’d skip the blue if you can

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Loud and clear!

Have both a proxmark and flipper coming lol. Flipper is going to take ages cause I had to reroute it from uk to us. Trying not to be too excited for that cause it’ll be awhile lol.

Though it sounds difficult I’m glad it can be fixed. I’d be bummed if I bricked it. Is it common? How often do you read and write to your chips?

Totally depends

Sometimes I’ll go months without rewriting them

One of my chips is set to open my gun safes, so I never really mess with it

But I have moved that UID from one chip to another to change how I present to my safe, or if I needed a better performing chip for something else

And other times I’m loading various Rick rolls or Covid card, or ID stuff back and forth

Half the time I’m rewriting a chip to show how easy it is

Someone else who is using their chip for a rick roll lmfao I can’t wait. This is my only idea for my xSIID right now.

I think I have everything I need at this point have a reader writer (2 when flipper arrives), access kit, kbr. Should have plenty to mess with when everything is done.

Any good resources for proxmark?

To buy or to learn?
Buy? Buy it from DT, it’s the best chance to have the firmware matched the client… which is half the pain

To learn? Either DT YouTube videos, or @DeviantOllam has a few on YouTube that involve it I think

Also forum ofc

ICEMAN is kind of the GOD of proxmark space as I understand that it, so you might be able to search along that criteria also

For the xSIID, look at doing a contact card service like link tree or my favorite, popl there’s a good thread on here somewhere

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You have just been given some great answers from Eriequiet, All I can add is the following for when your PM3 arrives.

Other than that, you sound like you are looking for some solutions for things that aren’t even problems yet, and may never be!
I get that forewarned is forearmed, But we could answer your questions all day; and Most of the answers are already on the forum eg. Removing Blue cloner password

Put it this way, Before you do anything and you are not sure, search for the answer ( The search function is really good on the forum ) and if you can’t find the answer, just ask, you won’t have to wait long for a reply.

This is also a great place to start if you havent read it yet

A couple, there is a dedecated thread and this combined one

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