Just when I finally have the push to get the xBT, I'm reminded IT'S ABOUT TO GET RE-STOCKED

Congrats! Looks really good, and might actually be one of the “easier” spots for self install - at least you can use both your hands a bit :wink:

Question to those people who already had one - had anyone actually removed one? I’m thinking about the biobond coating, and how it might be terrible to get the implant out again after a “deeper” install…
Not that I actually plan to get it out, but implants might fail, and while injecting it “behind” the pectoral muscle might be easy enough, it might be close to impossible to get it out there again?

Hell, now I feel like someone getting their first implant ever, asking tons of (quite possibly stupid) questions…


Last update before I hit the hay (been up for ages),


Was able to make both units fit. Fahrenheit only gets one decimal (it will only ever have one digit of precision anyways with the math used), celsius gets two thanks to being a less granular unit, along with being a product of conversion (so complex decimals result from it).


I love the “Animal: yes” :sweat_smile:


Went to self install about 5 minutes ago.

I saw the needle, and my hangover will not let me. I’m generally not that worried about the needles, but something won’t let me right now.

I am gonna take some ibuprofen and try later maybe.

How the needle looks this morning



I think you waited too long. You’re supposed to do it before the alcohol wears off. :slight_smile:


I do not condone nor recommend installing while under the influence. Please do not take what I say seriously.


I need this as a signature line



Did you ice your skin?

I went to have a drink to stay off the worst.

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Slept with the bandage on, since I do so much tossing and turning in my sleep

Doesn’t look too bad

The two marks on the left are from the binder clip, where it ripped the skin a little bit

I was relieved by that, as when I first saw them, I thought I had gone through the other side a little bit. But nope, lines up perfectly.

Still a little sore, but better than last night.

I do wish I had installed higher, right where the hair stopped. This seems to very a bit more with temperature, unless I have my arm down for a while.


Since install, mine has been between 35.89 C and 36.2 C

For those of you going for an armpit install, does putting on deodorant cause any irritation?

Also, asking cause it randomly popped in my head… Do you think spray on deodorant will have an impact (initially) with reading body temp? Idk if that’s a dumb question but I don’t use spray deodorant, so idk if it’s like a can of air and gets cold.

Spray deo,

I cant see it changing things for more than a minute

The area has larger thermal mass, and is more central to your body heat, it would take a lot for that cold to “seep” in

Look up R’s thread where he hung out for a long time in a crazy intense sauna, and it was no real different than his body temp, that only slightly went up

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To be honest, I haven’t put any on it since install. I just wash the area before I leave the house.

No, I don’t think so. Mine reads on average a bit below what I measure under my tongue. Which is fine as I have been documenting what I read and what I was doing a few minutes prior to reading to find my average correlation.

Mine was most irritated by the skin flap being pushed under.

The area is also still itcy, but I think that is because of the tagaderm I allergic to. I forgot when I threw it on.

In any case, the install went well, it reads over a Hoodie, and I feel neat with it.

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Also, I plan to put some on by Saturday, as I have to work.

If you are worried about it, get a small tagaderm

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Second implant installed.
This time I didnt experience any vasovagyl symptoms.


Super easy install. Little soreness afterwords but not bad.


So here it finally is - reads like a charm directly after install, and equally well one day later.

Install was okay, the pressure was a bit intense (yeah, no lube and all that…). My installer put it a bit deeper for more constant temperature readings, can’t feel it when poking around with my finger, but it’s obviously there :wink:

edit: oh, and when I took my temp this morning, it was exactly 0.11° C lower than what the thermometer in my mouth said, so it’s pretty close - maybe it’s a bit warmer because of a little irritation, dunno


Yeah, when I did my self-install, it took a ton of force… More than I had expected. The skin around the chest/core area is a very different texture/thickness than the skin around the hands. The lack of lube was super noticeable to me as well, very “grippy”. That combined with a skin being a little slippery made it a pretty annoying install.

That Destron Fearing injector is a lot more finicky than the usual DT one as well, was hard to get a good grip on it since it doesn’t have the little finger hole things.


Yep, those were two very good reasons why I didn’t do a self-install… I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to apply enough pressure. Plus, I have a good installer at hand who works in my home town and takes almost no money for that, so guess I’m in a privileged position :wink:


Did either of you leave the anti migration cap on or remove?

I kept it on, don’t want to remove the chip ever again :wink: