Just when I finally have the push to get the xBT, I'm reminded IT'S ABOUT TO GET RE-STOCKED

I have wanted a xBT Temp chip for so long. But kept putting it off as the idea of then spending more for a pet chip scanner for on the go use seemed too complicated and impractical.

Now I have just seen this on Reddit and got really excited, the flipper has been my “on the go show off” device since I got it and I plan to get XLeds because of the flippers handheld ease to show them off in public.

But as soon as I run back to the DT shop, I am reminded they are no longer stocked :sweat_smile:

Anyone know if there is anywhere else to get one? (I know they were never human “safe” with it’s coating and all but whatever)

Either way, just wanted to pop in and show my excitement as the flipper has become a gateway to getting more chips, as I don’t need to lug around a computer with a scanner or buy a chameleon mini.



I just had a rollercoaster of emotions

I was :unamused: at the xbt

Then I realized the flipper can read it
And was :exploding_head::star_struck:

Then I realized you were pointing out I can’t get one now

I think ———— had a few extra :thinking:

Nope wasn’t him


It’s been on my “one day if I can figure out a simple way to use it” device list since my first ever implant.

Welcome back, its been a while.

Yeah the xBT was a recent Flipper update and I updated as soon as I heard.

I am loving my Flipper. :dolphin: :heart_decoration:

It is no replacement for the PM3, but It is a great every day tool.


I have one I will sell to someone who wants it. Dm me

Edited: It’s been sold :slight_smile:

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well now that flipper can do this… we might restock xbt… i will consider :slight_smile:


I found a couple :slight_smile:


I’d be interested :slight_smile:


Ooooooh pretty please! I tried getting one in Germany, and it’s close to impossible - nobody seems to know Destron Fearing over here, and almost nobody seems to be interested in it at all. Some private people got their vets to chip their animals with it (especially to reduce stress when taking the temperature), but this was in Switzerland or Austria, and I found no furhter info about it. So - yeeeeees, please do restock and take my money! :smile:

edit: Oh, and since I am still a total idiot when it comes to the Flipper and all its possibilities - is it able to read out the temperature with the standard firmware, or do I have to download anything extra?


I’m using the unleashed firmware but I believe this feature was released on the official branch so just update and see if you can find it under 125kHz RFID > Extra actions > Read ASK.


Thanks, I found it! Had to use a release-candidate firmware, but it finally appeared :wink:
Now I just need an xBT, a good spot to place it, and a willing installer (last thing already provided :smile: )


Yes, please, Amal!:smiley: It would be pretty great to be able to buy these from you. One can hope.


Ooh nice. Yes please. I’d need to buy flipper too but this would be awesome :grin: Then I’d have more reference points :grin:

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My 2 flippers just shipped. I’d definitely be interested too.

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@chipman says he has a few xBT for sale
He’s in Belgium

I’m going to buy the once pac put up for grabs since he’s in the same country as me and I see you’re in Australia

I didn’t wanna pull something over on ya

Yes, please! :slight_smile:

The last production release firmware has it too now.

what about the “BeUno” from “Dsruptive”

i have also the xBT. Its intresting that the tempersture is:

xBT right breast: 34-35 degrees
xBT: left upper arm: 33 degrees

BeUno: left breast: 37 degrees

Ok I guess I’m getting more xBT together