Anyone have pics or video or there xBT install to share?

Ive seen lots on the xseries and flex implants installs but i dont think ive come across the xBT.
I even had a quick look on youtube to no avail.
I have and xBT that I’m going to have a professional install in the next month or so.
I’m just one of those wierdos that likes looking at the install procedures.
If you have an xBT install you wouldnt mind sharing your install pic I would love to check it out.

none that I can think of with video, but there is a photo and description in this one

plus further discussion here

There are some more discussions and photos in this one

and some overlap with this one

I hope there is something amongst that lot, that will scratch your itch


Awesome you gave me some stuff to dive into! I’ll check it out. I’ll be sure to document my own install too. I have pics and videos from my installs and a bunch of my piercings and hook pulls. It’s crazy to see what the body can do.

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