Kali Linux, members and implants

I’m sure I’m not the only guy here who uses Kali Linux, and also nethunter on mobile platforms (tablets and smartphones)

Would love to hear what others have done in the realm of pentesting and NFC… - - keeping things anonymous to an extent of course.

Proxmark 3 on all my nethunter mobile devices is next major aim, but many are not supported device builds from offsec, but will work on custom ARM processor builds

Maybe Amal will come up with additional stuff in relation to NFC, and maybe even extended storage if such a thing could be implemented… Like a fork from vivokey if you will, but more geared for storing multiple keys from successful pentest extractions (like reaver and John)

Chime in, stay safe, much love and know that I appreciate you all


I’ll check back here periodically with useful links to driver and source codes for those who have same same devices, but can’t get them working.

Happy DT’ing

I am running Kali Linux on a Raspberry Pi 4 with Proxmark3, among other things. Other than my work laptop, I have a bunch of SBCs, running various distributions.


I’ve not used the pi4 yet, but I’ve seen a few starter packs going cheap so might be worth a look…

Proxmark3 is pretty versatile, so next move will be to hook one up to a pocket chip mini computer, and do more with the smartphones stuff… Cuts down on bulky shit on pentesting missions, and is pretty stealthy too.

I’ve got a server which I’m planning on trying to utilise to crack some NFC encryption keys if it can be done, but NFC stuff isn’t really my strongest of points yet… More and more stuff is using it now, so I reckon this will become even bigger in the future moving forward… Along with the IoT

This may be worth your while to read.

Security of NFC – IJERT.

how is the performance with running kali on a pi

Fine unless I am doing anything to the local “disk”…

I avoid running updates when I am wanting to do anything else. Otherwise it seems pretty reasonable.

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